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同步的宣传,他们都是被操控了  Synchronized propaganda, they are all manipulated


Dec 29, 2016 at 9:08 PM


亲爱的主席,88,你们经过这一年多磨合,我基本上可以辨别的出有些requests是从哪一边发出来的而且发现这边还不止一伙人,川普后面有一伙人,Steven 他们又有一伙人因为发的 requests 和我所感受到的外界对我的invade, 这些信息都不是单独发出来的某些人有特别的富有 characteristic 的信息比如我妈妈,弟媳还有妹妹是一波而有时候Steven David 居然跟这一波是同步的!国内包括群里边同学发信息,中国文艺,金星秀,等等,有时也是跟这个同步的,他们都是被操控了吗? 而且我明显可以听得出选的词所表达的意思,有些是从英文意思直接而生硬地翻成中文的,选的题材居然是一模一样的!哈哈哈 有点缺创意哦,我还挺敏感的, 要不要雇我做策划? 这种就叫做心理骚扰的恶搞,哈哈哈如果是正能量的,对维持更新一段关系倒是很有益处的如果是负能量吗,就会扰乱别人的生活,折磨别人的神经比如像我,好多年经风雨见世面,脸皮厚得可以拿这些事情来讲笑话!嘿嘿 这次讲川普,是对我昨天讲普京的延续!为什么呀?因为,Steven 还有他们后面的人羡慕嫉妒恨呀!又没有办法出气,所以把我找来演一段荆轲刺秦王借刀杀人” 呗,哈哈哈,88后面的总导是这么回事吗? 相比之下亲爱的主席, 88,你们后面的策划就保守得多,神经过敏得多!他们跟我一样是学理科出生的系统设计大家,expect for the best, prepare for the worst, 稳扎稳打不能出错的! 下面我会给你们来些创意不一样的东西!哈哈 合作者之间如果彼此是这样的同床异梦关系,那可是长久不了的呢!好莱坞那么多天才怎么也玩这些心理游戏的雕虫小技呢?于是我就想起我们以前做工程的时候,把天线架起来要做路上测试,每天要围绕这些基站开好多圈,好无聊的!有时就会跟那些做驾驶的technician开玩笑,甚至一路开着去找不一样的餐馆,然后大家说好了,有空就一起去上馆子!记得有一次在盐湖城,有一家餐馆的名字叫Eccentric Chinese food , 开车路过的时候大家讨论了半天,也想不出来Eccentric Chinese food会是什么滋味的!哈哈哈


Dear President, 88, after more than a year of running-in, I can basically tell which side some requests are coming from. And I found that there are more than one group here. There is a group behind Trump, and there is a group of people behind Steven! Because of the requests they send and the offense I feel about me, these messages are not sent separately. Some people have special and rich characteristic messages, such as from my mother, sister -in-law, and sister, is a wave, and sometimes Steven David is synchronized with this wave! In China, the messages from my classmates in chat group, Chinese literature and art, Jing Xin show, etc. are sometimes synchronized with this. Are they all manipulated? And I can clearly hear the meaning of the selected words, some of which are directly and stubbornly translated from English meanings into Chinese, and the selected theme is exactly the same! Hahaha A little lack of creativity, I am quite sensitive, should you hire me for planner? This kind of spoofing is called psychological harassment, hahaha. If it is positive energy, it is very beneficial to maintain and renew a relationship. If it is negative energy, it will disrupt other people's lives and torture others' nerves. For example, like me, I have seen it for many years, and my skin is thick enough can even tell jokes about these things! Hey, this time talking about Trump is a continuation of my talk about Putin yesterday! Why? Because, Steven and the people behind them are jealous and envious! There is no way to get angry, so I was asked to play "Jing Ke assassinates Emperor Qin" and "Using others knife to kill people" Alas, hahaha, the planner behind 88, is this true? In contrast, dear Chairman, 88, the planners behind you are much more conservative and more sensitive! They are like me, a science and system design guy, expect for the best, prepare for the worst. They can't make mistakes! Now I will give you something different! Haha, if the collaborators have such a same-bed-different-dream relationship, it will not last forever! With so many geniuses in Hollywood, how can you play the dungeon tricks of these psychological games? So I remembered that when we were doing engineering in the past, we put up the antennas for road tests, and we had to make many laps around these base stations every day, so boring! Sometimes I joked with the technicians who were driving, and even drove all the way to find different restaurants, and then everyone said that when we were  free, should go to the restaurant together! I remember once in Salt Lake City, there was a restaurant called Eccentric Chinese Food. When we were passing by, we discussed for a long time and couldn't think of what it would be like for Eccentric Chinese food! Hahaha






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