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中国人追名牌,不追名牌的文化内涵  Chinese people chasing famous brands, not chasing the cultural connotation of famous brands




我比较欣赏杨丽萍,她知道怎么去穿适合她自己气质和形象的衣服,而不是去穿名牌!是人穿衣服啊!难道中国找不出好的设计师设计形象吗?这太让人扯笑了!我到全国各地旅游的时候,看见每一个旅游地卖旅游品,衣服皮包鞋子,每每有亮眼的惊人之作说实在话比那些名牌要舒服,也拿得出手得多!这次去印度,他们的木雕,多么的精细呀!纯手工的而他们却卖不到名牌的价格,那是在于没有专业人员来替他们包装设计开拓销售渠道而这些专业人员是需要专业知识的,是需要算计思考的去这边的ikea, 整个大楼的呈设是经过精心设计安排的,IKEA 有北欧人的传统,非常干净,同时拥有北欧人的现代美学,线条简洁,色彩优雅同时又有北欧人的消费理念,用普通质材,大众价格!对所有上万种的货品的摆放,那是需要用数学来考量的,所有的定价,以及后边的运作,需要商业的金融的知识,也需要数学!如果中国人有像ikea那样的高等专业知识,也把中国的那些有设计创意的旅游产品与衣食住行有关的各种商品,象IKEA 那样设计一个大的商场来呈现和销售,要知道很多ikea产品是中国制造的!比如在展示厅就设计不同的场景,比如婚礼呀,比如家庭内景啊,办公室啊,比如商场啊,甚至农场草原,生日聚会等等,穿不同的衣服,装饰,有不同背景,那不就是把那些特别的产品给介绍出去了吗?还可以经常举行时装表演,文俗表演,喜庆节日节目等等,就有人来看,来买了这边沃尔玛的东西都是烂东西,不特别也不精致的凡是国民数学好的国家,就强大,德国日本还有现在的中国!就连最简单的时装设计,刚考虑裁剪的时候,按照不同人的体态,气质,收放重要的尺寸时候,长短的拿捏都需要数学!当然不只是数学,但没有数学就没法精确,精致,精美的!


I like dancer Yang Liping more. She knows how to wear clothes that suit her temperament and image, instead of wearing famous brands! It’s people wearing clothes! Can't China find a good designer design image? This is too funny! When I traveled around the country, I saw every tourist place selling tourist goods, clothes, purses, shoes, and every time there was a dazzlingly amazing work! To be honest, it is more comfortable than those famous brands, and it is much better! This time I went to India, how fine is their wood carving! They are handmade. And they can't sell the price as famous brands. That is because there are no professionals to wrap, design, and develop sales channels for them. These professionals need professional knowledge and need to think about it. Here, IKEA, the entire building is carefully designed.IKEA has a Nordic tradition, very clean, and has the Nordic modern aesthetics, simple lines, elegant colors. At the same time, Nordic people's consumption concept, with ordinary material, regular price! For the placement of all tens of thousands of goods, it is necessary to use mathematics to consider, all pricing, and the operation behind, the need for commercial financial knowledge, also need math! If  Chinese have high-level professional knowledge like IKEA, and also design China's creative tourism products, and various commodities related to food, clothing, housing and transportation, design a large shopping mall to present and sell like IKEA. You must know many IKEA products are made in China! For example, design different scenes in the exhibition hall, such as weddings, such as family interiors, offices, such as shopping malls, even farms, grasslands, birthday parties, etc., wearing different clothes, decorations, different backgrounds, then have you introduced those special products? You can also often hold fashion shows, cultural performances, festive festivals, etc. So people come to see it and buy it. The things in Wal-Mart are bad things, not particularly delicate and exquisite. All countries citizens with good  mathematics are strong, Germany and Japan and now China! Even the simplest fashion design, when considering cutting, according to different people's posture, temperament, retracting important size, the length of the need to take math! Of course not just mathematics, but without mathematics, there is no way to be precise, exquisite, and beautiful!






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