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这是日本的优势。日本一直在海外购买优质资产,日本货的名声良好. 而且我觉得,也许日本有更长的对外商业的历史吧,对世界和各种文化更了解,经验更丰富,比起中国人,日本人做事更按规矩办,更懂得心理学,销售心理学和产品心理学。至少不会对可爱的需要父爱的孩子,每天只是人约黄昏后,却可以好几年一直不近人情拒绝亲自见面的!  一带一路全球一体,文明再平衡,无论是人流,科学技术,还是资本都向适宜的地方扩散, 寻找高回报, 日本怎么会缺席呢?昨天讲到全球一体顶层设计,应该把全世界的资源产业加以分析,把同类的加以综合,看在一个行业里边产业链以及发展的不同阶段,谁家的技术比较先进,要用到哪些专利,专利都在谁手里?如要在某些地区,某个领域开拓,继续开发,开发权又在谁手里?日本海外置业是国内1.5倍,海外领地是国内10倍. 亲爱的习主席,88,你们进行的一带一路全球一体,一定会动到日本和美国等强权国家的奶酪,你看你们世界政坛,川普和安倍都不怎么露脸的,怎么拉他们上路,才是一个要动脑筋的挑战!88,你有没有试过扮日本武士道去跟安培跳舞啊?然后问他喜欢baby吗?亲爱的习主席,有没有穿上牛仔服跟川普去骑马呀, 问他想不想也到澳大利亚去建一个海洲庄园? 日本有很多的支柱产业,在这些产业中日本拥有很多专利以及高新科技。如果优化配置的话,一带一路项目的展开,会很有可能用到日本的技术和产品啊。可以跟他们合作呀。再说资源组合,澳大利亚没有重工业,可是亚洲东岸的日本,中国需要的铁矿砂,都从澳大利亚来. 中国有世界最大的钢铁产量,天哪! 而且中国的铁矿砂几乎都进口,有可能把这些钢产量移到澳洲吗?全球一体会有很多的基建项目,需要很多的钢材,有可能用日本的污染小的技术吗?有可能跟日本合作,共同在澳大利亚投资生产钢铁吗?这样就可以减少很多中国国内的污染。 可以将澳洲作为产钢基地,大规模生产,覆盖某一地区. 全球应该散布这样的几个主要产钢基地,覆盖周围的区域钢铁用量. 现在世界上那么多的国家有钢铁厂,需要吗?

This is the advantage of Japan. Japan has been buying quality assets overseas, and the reputation of Japanese goods is good. And I think that perhaps Japan has a longer history of foreign business, more understanding of the world and various cultures, and more experience than Chinese.  Japanese do things more according to the rules, more understanding of people’s psychology, sales psychology and product psychology. At least they would not treat cute girl who needs fatherly love, the way just talking on the phone every day in the evening, for several years, yet without meeting in person! The Belt and Road is a global integration, and civilization rebalancing. Whether it is the flow of people, science and technology, or capital spreading to a suitable place looks for high returns, how can Japan be absent? Yesterday, when I talked about the global top-level design, you should analyze the world's resource industry and integrate the same kind of products. You will look at the industrial chain and the different stages of development in an industry. Whose technology is more advanced and which patents are used? The patents are in whose hands? If you want to develop certain area, develop certain field, continue to develop, and who has right to develop? Japan's overseas home ownership is 1.5 times domestic and overseas territory is 10 times domestic. Dear President Xi, 88, the lastglobal integration of the Belt and Road, you will definitely move the cheese of powers such as Japan and the United States. You see in your world politics, Trump and Abe don't show their faces very much. How to pull them on the road is a challenge! 88. Have you ever tried to play Japanese Bushido to dance with Ampere? Then ask him if he likes baby? Dear President Xi, did you wear a denim with Trump go horse riding? Ask him if he wants to go to Australia to build a Mar-a-Oceano Manor? There are many pillar industries in Japan. In these industries, Japan has many patents and high-tech. If the configuration is optimized, the development of the Belt and Road project will most likely use Japanese technology and products. Can work with them. In addition to the resource mix, Australia does not have heavy industry, but on the east coast of Asia, Japan China need iron ore, all from Australia. China has the world's largest steel output, God! And China's iron ore is almost all imported, it is possible move these steel productions to Australia? There will be many infrastructure projects in the global integration. It requires a lot of steel. Is it possible to use Japan's small pollution technology? Is it possible to work with Japan to jointly invest in steel production in Australia? This will reduce a lot of pollution in China. Australia can be used as a steel production base for large-scale production and covering a certain area. The world should distribute such major steel production bases to cover the surrounding steel consumption. Now there are so many steel factories in the world, do you need that many?






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