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澳大利亚有许多发展的可能  Australia has many possibilities for development

可以看见澳大利亚只有在东南部有一点山岭,其余都不超过1千米高,中部还有从南到北一大片盆地!人口和森林地带基本上都在东南部北部和西南部海岸线边上.  于是我就想,是不是可以把盆地引进水源开发农业,那块地区一定大过广东省的。澳大利亚什么地方都可以养牛养羊,干旱的地区可以把别的地方的草运过来。澳大利亚有很多特别的珍贵的动物,黑天鹅,袋鼠,树熊,鸵鸟!有些可以大规模地饲养作为肉用, 有些可以专门培养作为宠物, 有些可以观赏,卖给世界各地的园林!去年我们去俄国,那么遥远的北方,在我们下榻的旅馆前的小池塘里,居然有黑天鹅,多美呀。我今天看新闻,亲爱的习主席去四川山坳里的卫星发射场慰问官兵。在山坳里发射很危险,不多远就是有人的村庄。Space X的马克斯刚刚成功发射回收了航天火箭. 澳大利亚中部是戈壁平原, 我觉得在澳大利亚中部建一个可以回收发射火箭的航天站,是一个很不错的主意. 因为靠近赤道,所以很容易进入轨道。那边可以成为一个航天基地,也可以训练飞行员,甚至可以成为空间旅游基站景点. 有了航天事业,在那边就可以开航天大学,做各种研究和设计。澳大利亚有铁矿石,就近可建炼铁厂炼钢厂,就可以制造很多机械. 让中国人去做,这些工业国内都有,转移技术就行,不比把人搬到新疆去好吗?澳大利亚挺大的,要把澳大利亚一圈全部玩下来也需要好多天. 应该设计一些旅游套餐,把周围的太平洋岛屿和边上的新西兰,再加北边的印度尼西亚都收纳进来。新西兰也是一个寂寞荒野少人烟的地方。比如澳大利亚东南部加新西兰,澳大利亚大堡礁再加太平洋岛国,大堡礁加印尼,东南+西南,等等。如果中间的盆地可以吸引大量的移民来居住,就可以发展新的社区,引进高科技信息产业。还需要再建发电厂覆盖盆地和北部西南部,修建高铁机场方便旅行。我想一开始的农业畜牧业,钢铁和高科技信息产业,就可以让一大部分新移民过上正常生活了。然后可以考虑造船业汽车制造航太基地什么的。澳大利亚政府愿意吗?

It can be seen that there is only a little mountain in the southeast of Australia, the rest is no more than 1-kilometer-high, and there is a large basin from south to north in the middle! The population and forest areas are basically on the northeastern and southwestern coastlines of the southeast. So I wondered if it was possible to introduce water source into basin to develop agriculture, which must be larger than the Guangdong province. Any place in Australia can raise cattle and raise sheep, and dry areas can transport grass from other places. Australia has many special precious animals, black swan, kangaroo, koala, and ostrich! Some can be raised on a large scale for meat, some can be specially cultivated as pets, and some can be watched and sold to zoos around the world! Last year we went to Russia, so far north, in the small pond in front of the hotel where we stayed, there were black swans, how beautiful. I read the news today, dear President Xi went to the satellite launch site in the foothills of Sichuan, and comfort the officers and soldiers. It’s dangerous to launch in the mountains, not too far from the village. Space X's Max has just successfully launched and recovered the space rocket. Central Australia is the Gobi Plain. I think it is a very good idea to build a space station in Central Australia that can receive rockets. Because it is close to the equator, it is easy to get into earth orbit. There can be a space base, training pilots, and even a space tourism base station. With the aerospace industry, you can open aerospace universities and do various research and design. Australia has iron ore, and it is possible to build ironworks in the steelworks. It is possible to build a lot of machinery. Let the Chinese do it. These industries are all in China. It is better just to transfer technology. Is it better than moving people to Xinjiang? Australia is quite big; it takes many days to tour around Australia. It is necessary to design some travel packages to include the surrounding Pacific islands and New Zealand on the edge, plus Indonesia in the north. New Zealand is also a place where there are few people in the lonely wilderness. For example, South East Australia plus New Zealand, Australia's Great Barrier Reef Plus Pacific Island countries, Great Barrier Reef plus Indonesia, southeast + southwest, and so on. If the middle basin can attract a large number of immigrants to live, it can develop new communities and introduce high-tech information industry. It is also necessary to build a power plant to cover the basin and the southwestern part of the country, and to build a high-speed rail and airport for easy travel. I think that the first stage of agricultural animal husbandry, steel and high-tech information industry will allow a large number of new immigrants to live a normal life. Then you can consider the shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing, and aerospace base. Is the Australian government willing?






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