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这次美国的大选是政治娱乐化的开端。以后把政治人物和政治运作一点点分隔开来,强化科学的政治运作  This election in the US is the beginning of entertain politics. In the future, the political figures and political operations will be separated to strengthen the political governance of science.

Oct 28, 2016 at 5:19 PM

政治人物的操守在不同文化有不同的标准  The ethics of politicians have different standards in different cultures.

Jackie让我讲这次大选的辩论.  川普和希拉里是好朋友,所以这些辩论的人身攻击其实不是针对个人的,而是美国的真正掌权的利益集团为争夺权力所进行的对抗,表现在他们两个人身上! 首先讲川普的男女绯闻西方文化,尤其是在欧洲,这根本就不是攻击的话题,你看萨科奇前女友后女友,在他上台以后还在争夺第一夫人的位置,没有一家欧洲报纸对此有什么异议,因为司空见惯认为是正常的一个人有情感的需要,无论是在婚姻中和婚姻外,只要当事人能容忍又不伤害别人,尤其是对孩子成长有益的,社会会给予适当的空间这是欧洲人的价值,不算道德缺陷在美国,象在纽约洛杉矶,有一半以上是单身,象克林顿川普这样能量大的风流人物,有情感上的花边没人真正当回事儿的因为美国社会的道德跟以前完全不一样了,文化价值也越来越向欧洲靠拢,你看同性恋泛滥,不注重家庭而且美国政坛越来越好莱坞化,如果这些辩论没有绯闻来充数的话,也许就没有那么高的收看率应该承认,这次大选是美国历史上最戏剧化的,最颠覆传统的,最好莱坞化的,在全球有广告娱乐效应的,在哗众取宠方面是非常成功的!你看在世界政坛你们结交的领袖们,都不约而同加入进来讨论这两个人的入选可能性对于宗教森严道德严谨的中东伊斯兰国家,这当然是对美国民主的丑化,因为他们很清楚,政治在历史上从来不是这样子的,政治人物的操守是很重要的很明显美国竞选人物道德是有瑕疵的也许对中国人来说也是一个 issue. 因为比较起来,中国文化还是蛮传统的,中国的教育还是有道德的所以在反腐中如有个人生活的腐败,或很多时候男人有不同的情妇,他不止为了男女间的性爱情爱而很多是为了扩展维持自己利益的,那就会受到民众和舆论的谴责,是可作为一种罪行的

Jackie asked me to talk about the debate in this election. Trump and Hillary are good friends, so the personal attacks in these debates are not aimed at individuals, it is the confrontation against power of the interest groups in the United States who really takes power shown on both of them! First talk about Trump’s romantic scandals. In Western culture, especially in Europe,it  is not a topic of attack at all. If you look at Sarkozy’s ex-girlfriend, she would still compete for the position of the first lady after he took office. There is no European newspaper had any objection to this because it is commonplace to think that it is normal. A person has an emotional need, whether in marriage or outside marriage, as long as involved person can tolerate and not harm others, especially not affect the child’s growth, the society would give Appropriate space. This is the value of Europeans, not moral defects. In the United States, like in Los Angeles, more than half are single, like Clinton and Trump such energetic figures, they have emotional scandals that no one really takes it seriously. Because the morality of American society is completely different from before, the cultural value is getting closer to European. You see homosexuality, people don't pay attention to family, and American politics is getting more and more Hollywood style. If there is no gossip in these debates, there may be no such high viewing rate. It should be acknowledged that this election is the most dramatic in American history, the most subversive, the most Hollywood-like, with advertising and entertainment effects around the world, is very successful in the public! You see the leaders you have associated in the world politics, and join in to discuss the possibility of the two candidate's selection. For the religiously rigorous and ethical Middle East Islamic countries, this is of course a smear of American democracy, because they are very clear  that in history politics has never been like this. The ethics of politicians is very important. It is obvious that the morality of American candidates is flawed. It may also be an issue for the Chinese. Because in comparison, Chinese culture is still quite traditional, China’s Education is still paying attention to  ethics. So in the anti-corruption, if there is corruption in personal life, or in many cases, men have different mistresses for the purpose not only for sex and love, but also for the purpose of expanding their own interests, then they will be condemned by people and public opinion, it can be punished.


可是也许你们不知道,在美国世道变了,一个男人有绯闻,第一是有市场效应成功招摇过市,第二表示他精力旺盛身体健康,男人不坏女人不爱,反而会吸引更多的选票,尤其高富帅就是师奶杀手!所以不太听见美国有人为此太多否定川普的.  就希拉里来说,她的那些邮件里主要是对外政策是大多数美国人不清楚的犯法不犯法只有懂得国家法律的人才知道其中的厉害,才知道怎么样去攻击另一利益集团的短处现在FBI要重启对希拉里的调查,即使FBI抓住希拉里有违法行为,那一心想把希拉里送进白宫的强大国家利益集团也会大事化小,小事化无,因为他们是同一条战壕里的战友就总体候选人辩论来说,川普是讲不过希拉里的,但就情感来说,美国人现在关心的是如何改善生活可以预见希拉里没有别的办法就只有增税呀,我已经是一个躺着也中枪的牺牲品啊,那位来我家做事的拉丁裔水管工告诉我,他有三个孩子要养!难道他们可以放肆养孩子,我就一定要TMD为无中生有小事化大的水管装修,那些只动动嘴皮就要价几万的律师付巨款吗?这是为什么美国人不喜欢希拉里的地方!至少川普可能还对经济改善作点好事情被操纵的媒体一边倒倾向希拉里,而网上自由媒体呢支持川普的占大多数, 想想是不是这次把美国的大选作为政治娱乐化的开端?如果以后就会把政治人物和政治运作一点点分隔开来,淡化政治人物,强化科学的政治运作,真是这样那就不是坏事!


But maybe you don't know, the world has changed in the United States, the first is that there is a market effect that can successfully sway through the market, and the second means that he is energetic and healthy. If the man is not bad, the woman does not love, then he will attract more votes, especially the tall, wealthy and handsome is the woman's killer! So I don’t quite hear anyone in the United States denying Trump too much. As far as Hillary is concerned, most of her emails are relating to foreign policy that most Americans don’t know. Whether she breaks the law or not only people who know the laws of the country know the harm,  or those who know how to attack the shortcomings of another interest group. Now the FBI wants to restart the investigation of Hillary, even if the FBI seizes Hillary’s illegal proves, it is  strong national groups interest  to send Hillary to the White House. The group will also make big things small and small things none, because they are the comrades in the same trench. In terms of the overall candidate debate, Trump can not speak over Hillary, but in terms of emotion, Americans are now concerned about how to improve life. It is foreseeable that Hillary has no other way, just increase the tax. I am already a victim of lying down getting shoot. The Latino plumber who came to my house told me that he has three children to raise! Do they have the freedom to raise children and I must pay for damn huge amount of money that  has made  small-scale to larger , large to huge water pipes issue, and for those lawyers who only need to move their lips I have to pay tens of thousands of dollars? This is why Americans don't like Hillary! At least Trump may also do something good for economic improvement. The manipulated media tends to favor Hillary, while the online free media majority supports Trump. Think about whether this US election is the beginning of  entertaining politics? If we later separate political figures from political operations, dilute political figures, and strengthen the political governance of science, it is not a bad thing!






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