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美国要改变用人政策,要择才而用而不是用族裔来平均机会对基础差的族裔在其内部实行平均主义在社会上为其预留一小部分机会但真正的决定性的部门非用人唯才不可不然会是国家的灾难.  The United States needs to change its employment policy, and it must use its talents instead of using ethnicity to average opportunities. For poor ethnic groups, egalitarianism is practiced within them, and a small number of opportunities are reserved for them in society. But the real decisive department must use real talents. Otherwise it will be a disaster for the country.

Oct 27, 2016 at 1:33 PM

非法移民的合法与否,如果以法律考虑那不是一个问题,而有没有人才和适合的工作才是大问题 Whether the illegal immigrants are legal or not, if it is considered by law, it is not a problem, and whether there are talents and suitable jobs is a big problem.

Jackie要我讲美国的非法移民啊,这又是一个高不可攀的大题目啊! 因为美国缺少真正顶级的政治经济人才,所以才请亲爱的主席,88,来阿拉斯加坐阵为世界谋,为美国的将来谋您们还不是美国公民哪!可见非法移民的合法与否,如果以在国家疆域内的法律考虑,那不是一个问题,而有没有人才和适合的工作才是大问题.  美国的经济结构失衡,按照美国现在的经济结构,需要多少与之匹配的人才,应该具有什么样的教育和工作能力背景,我没有一手材料也无法进行分析但是可以看得出,这一大批非法移民没有办法做您这样子的工作,而因为他们的到来还排挤了我的工作机会!再看一下现在美国的经济增长率,美国整个就业人口对美国的经济产生多大的推动作用,只有1%!还算好是正的,但是似乎这些就业人口,劲没有使在刀刃上!在我的想象中,大多数非法移民应该是属于低下层的劳动力,是作为廉价劳动力的供给,是体力劳动底层服务业的提供者因为如果他们真的是有高级的才能,公司就会吸收他们,替他们办绿卡可是这个社会的政治体制要为他们付出代价,要提供医疗保险食品券住房空间教育等等,甚至工作机会,这样不但对国家造成负担,而且这些负担的代价比起他们工作所创造的财富可能要大得多,也对当地人的生活造成一定的负面作用比如帮派猖獗,偷盗严重,等等这也是为什么大家对此深恶痛绝,想把他们赶出去的原因!就像Jackie说的,美国的上层建筑政治精英们有点傻傻的美国的政治结构和政策,是看上去听上去合理,但实际上不合理的,是没有按照上帝法则来制定的克林顿时期,因为经济好,因为美国国内需要劳动力来做中下层服务业的工作,需要人口来拉动市场的需求,促进消费因为拉丁裔有不存钱的文化传统,而且拉裔家庭有许多的孩子,这些人口所带来的成长需要,而且他们消费的旺盛力,是对美国的经济有原始的促进作用的所以美国网开一面近水楼台大量地引进拉丁裔,所有政府部门,大公司企业,服务单位,电话服务都改成双语在以天主教为号召力的,在全球范围内拉丁文化为背景的, 有一股势力团结起来开始一场政治文化扩张运动.  一时间洛杉矶的高速路就堵塞爆了,各处都是以拉丁裔为对象的超市,走到哪里人们都是西班牙话,洛杉矶90%以上的中小学的学生比例大多数是拉丁裔,从拉美来美国的通路如此顺畅,当然涌入一大批非法移民美国政治系统也被这些拉丁裔所佔领,政治人物以会讲西班牙话为荣凭人多势众,很多政策的制定更多地为拉丁裔利益服务比如雇用劳工一定要有拉丁裔,如果你敢在外边讲一句拉丁裔的坏话,你就等着挨揍吧!连布什政府的司法部长都是拉丁裔加州州长家里都是来的拉丁裔为他生私生子,每天盯着他洛杉矶市长是拉丁裔,很多大公司的顶层有拉丁裔,尤其我们国防公司的上层,一开口就是我是从天主教学校长大的”. 这个国家,学生录取按照族裔背景,工作机会按照族裔背景,这边的天主教教会把拉丁裔组织起来教他们怎么去争取政府福利有专门的人给他们带来各种各样的国家资源,甚至把美国认定是他们的国家,理所当然应该享受这些福利的.


Jackie wants me to talk about illegal immigrants in the United States. Ah, this is another big problem that is unattainable! Because the United States lacks the true top political and economic talent, so Americans  invite  dear chairman, 88, to come to Alaska to plan for the world, for the future of the United States. You are not even US citizens! It can be seen that the legality of illegal immigrants is not a problem if it is considered by laws within the national boundaries. It is a big problem whether there are talents and suitable jobs. The economic structure of the United States is unbalanced, according to the current economic structure of the United States, how many talents do you need to match? What kind of education and work ability background should they have? I can't analyze it without first-hand materials. But it can be seen that this large number of illegal immigrants can't do the same kind of work as you do, and because of their arrival, they have squeezed out my job opportunities! Looking at the current economic growth rate in the United States, the entire employment population of the United States has only contributed 1% to the US economy! Well, It’s still good, but it seems that these people’s strengths are not used in the right places! In my imagination, most illegal immigrants should belong to the lower-level labor force, as a supply of cheap labor, and a provider of the underlying service industry. Because if they really have advanced talents, the company will absorb them, providing green cards for them. But the political system of this society has to pay for them, providing medical care, insurance, food stamps, housing, space, education, etc., and even job opportunities, which not only burdens the country, but also these cost of burden may be much greater than the wealth created by their work, and it also has a certain negative effect on the lives of other local people. For example, gangs, serious theft, etc. this is why everyone hates this and wants to cast them out! As Jackie said, the US superstructure political elites are a bit stupid. The political structure and policies of the United States seem to sound reasonable, but in fact unreasonable, they are not formulated in accordance with the laws of God. In Clintons term, because the economy was good, because the United States needed labor to do the work of the middle and lower service industries, it needed the population to stimulate the market demand and promote consumption. Because Latinos have a cultural tradition of not saving money, and Latin families have many children, the growth needs of these people, and their strong consumption have a primitive role in promoting the US economy. Therefore, the United States accepted a large number of nearby Latinos. All government departments, large companies, service units, their telephone service has been changed to bilingual. In the context of Catholicism, and in the context of Latin culture on a global scale, there is a force united to start a political and cultural expansion movement. At one time, the highway in Los Angeles was blocked. There are supermarkets where Latinos are customers. Wherever people go, they hear Spanish. More than 90% of the students in Los Angeles primary and secondary schools are Latinos. The roads from Latin America to the United States are so smooth, and of course a large number of illegal immigrants are flooding in. The American political system is also occupied by these Latinos, and political figures are so proud  that they can speak Spanish. With a lot of people, many policies are formulated to serve the interests of Latinos. For example, if you hire a worker, you must hire a Latino. If you dare to speak bad things to Latinos outside, you will wait for a fist and get beaten! Hey! Even the Bush administration’s Attorney General is a Latino. The Californian governor’s family came from a Latino who was born to him. He stared at him every day. Even the Latin American servant who came to the California governor’s family, gave him an illegitimate child, staring at him every day. The mayor of Los Angeles is also Latino, and the top of many big companies have Latinos, especially the upper level of our defense company. As soon as he spoke, he said, “I grew up from a Catholic school.” In this country, students are enrolled according to their ethnic background, and job opportunities are based on ethnic background. The Catholic Church here organizes Latinos to teach them how to fight for the government welfare. There are special people who bring them various national resources, and even the United States is considered to be their country, and of course they should enjoy these benefits.






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