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辩论结束,希拉里台下只有雀儿喜,不见克林顿都踪影而川普众多儿女和太太俊男美女簇拥着上台,感到他们一家的团结和强大的气势  At the end of the debate, there was only Chelsea in Hilary's stage, and Clinton was not seen. And Trump's many children and his wife were on the stage, feeling the unity and powerful momentum of their family.


Oct 19, 2016 at 10:27 PM


亲爱的主席,88,今天我突然兴趣所致,几乎观看了整个川普和希拉里的第三次辩论先不管谁赢谁输,只讲讲对他们两人的感受没想到川普的兰花指这么漂亮,应该不是从中国的昆曲学的吧也许瑞典人都有一点娘娘腔,我原以为川普是一个大老爷们儿,其实他挺真性情的,希拉里讲话时他在边上做鬼脸还不停地插嘴希拉里真的是律师出身,伶牙俐齿的凡是川普提出的论点希拉里都有办法给驳回去那个凶狠的样子就让我想起Jackie. Jackie历害起来也是什么都很有道理的,不容易讲过她的要不是我因为学理科出身逻辑超强,而且不善言辞也不耐烦吵架,常常找最关键的一语中的,立马把她嘴封住了.  不然像川普这样的,如真得要跟Jackie辩论Jackie的强词夺理再加小孩子的无赖,川普那很危险的不见得会赢的.  哈哈 如果看两个人的眼睛,要找朋友,我会选择川普,要找打手我会选择希拉里辩论结束,希拉里台下只孤零零地站着雀儿喜,连克林顿都不见踪影而川普却留在台上,众多儿女和太太俊男美女,簇拥着上台,感到他们一家的团结和强大的气势!88,还是孩子多一点好,是吧?希望有一天Jackie可以象Ivanka.  再看两个人辩论,无论多么火力充足唇枪舌剑,还是觉得他们对美国的国情,对中东各国历史文化局势搞不拎清真的,美国人太无知了也无能,川普公然声称中国人美国人中东人比美国人希拉里要聪明多了,而希拉里还在那边嘲笑中国人和俄国人希拉里就凭这个来当总统,就凭这样的巧舌如簧口沫横飞来做全球领袖?华莱士很清楚地说,美国医疗保险2020年就完了,社会安全基金2030年也没有了,还有几万亿的欠债,换成中国人可能晚上睡不着觉,他们这些人是不管的,也管不了的!我们住在这儿的人很清楚,美国在越来越往下走,希拉里还在否认这个现实很有一批中国人在那边歌颂美国的世界一流的民主政治


Dear President, 88, today I was suddenly interested and watched the entire third debate between Trump and Hillary. No matter who wins or loses, I only talk about the feelings of both of them. I didn’t expect Trump’s Orchids fingers were so beautiful, didn't he learn from Kunqu in China? Maybe the Swedes are little sissy. I originally thought that Trump was a true man. In fact, he was very genuine. He was on the side when Hillary spoke, making grimace also interrupting occasionally. Hilary is really a lawyer, with a sharp tongue. Any argument made by Trump, Hillary has a way to dismiss it. Her fierce look reminds me of Jackie. When Jackie is  releasing her energy, she can also make sense of everything. It’s not easy to talk to her. If I didn’t have a strong logic because of my science background, and  I’m really not good at rhetoric, so I often find the most critical words, and immediately sealed her mouth. Or, if you are like Trump, if you really want to argue with Jackie, with Jackie's strong words and the children's rogue, Trump is in at risk and most likely won't win her. Haha, if I look at the eyes of two people,  if I look for friends, I will choose Trump, yet I will choose Hillary to be the beater. After the debate is over, Hillary is standing alone by herself with Chelsea, even Clinton is missing. Trump is still on the stage, with many children of him. And the beautiful ladies and gentlemen, surrounded by the stage, feel the unity and powerful momentum of their family! 88, better to have more children, right? I hope that one day Jackie can be like Ivanka. Look at the two people’s debates, no matter how much firepower and fierce argument, I still feel that they are not clear about the national conditions of the United States nor the historical and cultural situation in the Middle East. Really, Americans are too ignorant and incompetent. Trump publicly claims that Chinese, Americans, and Middle Easterners are much smarter than American Hilary, and Hillary is still laughing at Chinese and Russians. With this Hillary is here to be the president? With her eloquence to become a global leader? Wallace is very clear that the US medical insurance is over in 2020, the social security fund is gone in 2030, and there are still trillions of debts. If this is the situation for Chinese people, they may not sleep at night. Yet Americans are regardless of the situation. Can't manage it! People we live here know very well that the United States is going down more and more, and Hillary is still denying this reality. A lot of Chinese people are there in China to praise the world-class democracy of the United States. Yesterday, I drove Jackie home. There was a boy on the side of the road who was laughing at her, and she was very angry to stare back. So I asked her why, she said that the boy’s father is a Portuguese, mother is a Korean, and now there are boys in the school who like to stare at girls of interests, and she doesn't like those boys, so she always gives them eye white! So I enlightened her. "If there are boys who like to see you, you also smile back to, because this is polite. If they talk to you, you should also communicate with them. Because everyone has his special advantage, you can learn these advantages when you interact with them, the depth of communication is mastered by you, after all, even if  you want to go dating with him, I don't necessarily drive you to go." Making friends, knowing people, is growing up, Very important.






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