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*教育就要发现孩子最擅长的学习方法,给他们适合的材料  Education must find out what children are best at, and give them the right materials.要让孩子去尝试各种不同的活动,看看自己的天赋在哪里  Let your child try a variety of different activities and see where your talent is.

再继续讲小孩子的教育小孩子年龄小的时候,学习主要是通过形象的东西,而不是抽象的所以用视频的方法学习不是很有效的不同孩子的学习方法不同,有的喜欢听,有的喜欢看图片,看视频,脑子好的可以看有文字的书也有的喜欢动手,做东西,却不喜欢读书教育就要发现孩子最擅长的学习方法,给他们适合的材料年纪小的孩子注意力不集中的,能够集中的时间很短用有效的方法教他们很重要,不然小孩子一产生逆反心理,再朝前走就有困难了孩子学龄前这段时候要让孩子去尝试各种不同的活动,看看自己的天赋在哪里或者针对孩子的生理条件,遗传背景,家庭状况,诱导性地让他们多参与某些方面的活动,鼓励他们朝那方面发展怎么说呢,这些方面我觉得美国做得比较好,小孩子有各种各样的文体活动可以参加,而且那些家长也积极参与,有的甚至是义务做教练这边也有很多的空间,每一个社区基本上都有公园,公园里有球类运动的设施我以前住的帕萨迪纳,离家不远的游泳中心以前是培养奥运选手的晚上7:30  9:00,游泳一个人才$1.50. 而且是温水一年四季都可以去游游泳中心里边有两个大池,还有跳台和跳板我以前经常带Jackie去游泳,游得很累累的,然后往Jacuzzi热水中一泡浑身舒服啊她就可以回家好好睡个觉了,不会半夜醒来烦我那时候我就会想男孩子! 哈哈!游泳中心边上有好多好大的草地可以踢球,还有网球场棒球场,篮球场很多拉丁裔的一家子晚上出来,在草地上踢足球,全家共乐这边人有蛮好的体育锻炼文化这边很多的华人家长也把小孩子送去做强体力的训练. Jackie告诉我,他们学校同一个年级里有一个比她还矮的女孩子,是田径俱乐部的,她是真能跑啊!腿上肌肉硬硬的, 可以学校大操场跑三圈只需8分钟,Jackie跑要12分钟我对自己说,Jackie已经够好了我可不想让她妇女能顶半边天的体育运动好的孩子,不但体格强壮少生病,心理上也比较阳光健康,意志坚强勇于克服困难,脑子里血多学习东西也快!我从小是全托在福利会的,那边大小三个花园可是我觉得现在国内的托儿所和幼儿园都太小了小孩子们活动的空间太不够了在这方面应该向美国这边学,让每个有条件的小区应该组织孩子们各种各样的体育活动我上次回上海的时候,看见我公寓区里不让小孩子在小区里玩儿,学溜旱冰要在外边街心花园里,那有多少地方?公寓区边上还有大学,是不是在那儿可以多组织一些孩子的体育活动? 如果要在全球办教育系统的话,1-4岁这个年龄阶段的孩子,我觉得应该象福利会那样让孩子全托,并有空间展开活动.  然后让讲不同语言的老师轮流教孩子,那小孩子身体发育得好,语言也学得好下次再说多一些.


Continue to talk about children's education. When children are young, learning is mainly through image, not abstract. So using video methods is not very effective. Different children learn differently, some like to listen. Some like to watch pictures, watch videos. If have good brains they like to read books with text. Some also like to do things, hands on, but do not like reading. Education should find out the best learning methods for children and give them suitable materials. Younger children are less focused and can concentrate for a short period of time. It is important to teach them in an effective way. Otherwise, if the child has a rebellious mentality, it will be difficult to move forward. When the child is in preschool, parents should let the children try various activities to see where their talents are. Or for the child's physiological conditions, genetic background, family status, and induce them to participate more activities in certain aspects, encourage them to develop in that direction. I would say that I think the United States is doing a good job in these areas. Children have a variety of cultural and sports activities to participate in, and those parents have active participation, and some even volunteer to be coaches. There is also a lot of space here. Every community basically has parks. There are ball sports facilities in the park. I used to live in Pasadena, not far from home, the swimming center used to train Olympic athletes. From 7:30pm to 9:00 pm, swim cost is  of $1.50. And warm water can go swimming all year round. There are two large pools in the swimming center, as well as diving platforms and springboards. I used to take Jackie to swim. When both of us were very tired, then we went to Jacuzzi hot water and it was so comfortable! Thus she could go home and sleep well, without waking up in the middle of the night to bother me. Then I would want a boy nearby! Haha! There are  large grass fields  to play balls on the side of the swimming center, as well as tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts. Many Latino families come out at night, play football on the grass fields, and have fun with the whole family. There is  physical exercise culture here, many Chinese parents here also send the children to do physical training. Jackie told me that there is a girl in her school even shorter than her, but is in track and field club. She can really run! The muscles on her legs are hard and strong. It takes only 8 minutes for her to run three rounds in the school playground. Jackie runs for 12 minutes. I said to myself, Jackie is good enough. I don't want her to be women to be able to top half of the sky. A child with good physical activity is not only physically strong and less sick, but also psychologically healthy and sunshine. He will be strong and willing to overcome difficulties, and he will learn better as for good  blood circulation! I have been in the boarding school since I was a child. There are three gardens, big, medium and small. But I think the nurseries and kindergartens in China have limited space now. The space for children’s activities is not enough. In this respect, you should learn from the United States, so that every conditional community should organize children's various sports activities. When I returned to Shanghai last time, I saw that my apartment community did not allow children to play inside the community. Children learn to Rollerblade can only be outside the street garden, how much space there?  There is a university next block to the apartment. Is there a place in university where you can organize some children's sports activities? If you want to run an education system around the world, the children of this age of 1-4 years old, I think that the children should be fully entrusted like the boarding school, and have space to carry out activities. Then let the teachers who speak different languages take turns teaching children, the childrens bodies are well developed and the language can be well learned. I will talk more next time.






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