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谁搞好教育抓住全世界孩子的心,那就抓住了未来,谁就是大赢家.  Whoever does a good job of education to capture the hearts of children around the world, then seize the future, who will be the big winner.



*中国人更应该更把着重点放在建立自己的先进的教育系统上  Chinese should be more focused on building their own advanced education system.


I think they are crowding out Chinese children because they know that their children are not competing with the Chinese. So they use this kind of abuse to block the Chinese children. I wonder if you have any projects that can target the children in the  world that can help these children to know each other, create opportunities for children who lack resources, and let those excellent Chinese children help them. If there is such a bridge, other parents may not hate the Chinese. Then if let those children see so many opportunities in China, they will want to go to China, they will learn hard to let themselves qualify for entry. Now online language learning, you can directly find teachers in Europe and Russia through video one-on-one teaching. I I don't know if you have such software. You can let Chinese children here, even if they are in a bad school, can get a better education through video. To be honest, what Jackie learns is limited from school. Before she entered the current school, I took this attitude towards Jackie, I taught her real knowledge at home, she went to school to play and learn how to social making friends. Even now, what you teach her is far better than what the school teaches. American schools generally lack basic training for students. What they want from  children  are beautiful and healthy, and they can talk. Even the student's grades are good, because you are Chinese, they also pick fault from you. I think Chinese people should focus more on developing themselves  advanced education system! To learn language and culture, you can ask Americans, Europeans, or local professors for remote video teaching, without having to let those international students spend so much money in the United States. You may ask people to go to the mainland to teach classes. Here, a lot of teaching courses are made up of numbers, not related to society, and most of the courses you can't learn much. This really valuable subject they won't let you learn, if you happen to know, ha They will also say that you are a spy. If you have an advanced teaching system, you can intelligently help your children with homework and find materials. Some people can give  face-to-face instructions. If you get good grades that can add points and even make money. They can also provide internship opportunities. Wherever young and low-level children  can go online, and they can take turns to study in the world. You can even provide the necessary courses for them. You can also provide suitable job opportunities for those foreign children who want are envy want to participate.  If you can grasp the hearts of children around the world, then you seize the future, you are the big winner.






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