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美国的宠物博览会有很多东西  There are many things in the American Pet Fair.

当有了一个固定的场所,也就可以定时举行文艺汇演和新产品的推广记得小时候无聊时我最喜欢去的地方之一就是家附近的花鸟市场,因为那儿卖各种各样的观赏鱼,还有有趣的昆虫那时候上海不准养狗,偶尔会有小兔子,各种各样的鸟有一种鸟特别漂亮,胸前的羽毛有黄色橘黄色蓝色绿色的,上海人叫小鹦鹉到美国来才发现原来拉丁裔也是特别喜欢这种鸟, 叫这种鸟 “love birds". 我更发现在美国宠物店这种鸟也是生意非常兴荣的你去宠物店看他们不光有卖小狗小猫小兔子,甚至有乌龟,小蛇,变色龙,壁虎,小鸟,以及养宠物需要的各种东西,等等等等我曾经带Jackie去过一个宠物博览会,那边有巨大的蟒蛇可以让你背在身上,有卖一大包一大包的冰冻小老鼠,老板甚至会在台前的小草编框里,放一把刚出生的小老鼠,只有Jackie小拇指最后一小节那么大,粉红粉红的,光亮亮的皮,捏上去会细声地吱吱叫的一问这是做什么的呀这是给蛇吃的食物!哎呀我的妈呀!当然还有各种给鸟吃的,活的挪动的,让人浑身起鸡皮疙瘩的 worms. 花鸟市场上还有很多不同种类的植物,盆景和花记得那个时候上海只有卖菖兰的,夏天路上还有卖串起来的白兰花,茉莉花的.  基本没有玫瑰花妈妈喜欢月季,家里种了月季还种了含羞草花鸟市场也有季节性,春夏天品种多一些,而且盆景很贵如果去美国大型建材商场,home depot 会有一些花花草草卖,也会有各种的鲜花,大多是玫瑰花,品质数量要比欧洲少,也许家家户户自己都在院子里种花多了吧以前住的农场是专门种植盆景的,一个周期要三到五年呢,但配上中国产的特色的陶瓷容器,文化味儿挺浓的一株玫瑰花枝最多八块钱,可是有文化价值的盆栽却要$15以上


When you have a fixed site, you can regularly hold cultural performances and promotion of new products. I remember one of my favorite places to go when I was bored was the flower and bird market near my home, because it sold a variety of ornamental fishes. There were also interesting insects. At that time, in Shanghai it was not allowed to raise dogs. Occasionally there were bunny rabbits and various kinds of birds. There is a kind of  very beautiful small parrot. The feathers on the chest are yellow orange, blue and green. When I came to the United States, I found out that the Latino also liked this kind of bird. This bird is called "love birds". I also found that this kind of bird in the US pet shop is also very popular. If you go to the pet shop, not only there are selling puppies, kittens, bunny, and even turtles, snakes, chameleons, geckos, birds, and all kinds of things that pets need, etc. I used to bring Jackie to a pet fair, that there were huge pythons that you can carry on your back. There were large packs of frozen mice. The boss would  even put  a handful alive newborn mice in the small straw frame in front of the table top, only as big as the last measure of Jackie's little finger, pink shiny skin, pinched up and it would scream.  Ask what this was for? This was the food for the snakes! Oh my God! Of course, there are also a variety of worms for birds to eat, alive, and moving, which made people having goose bumps. There were many different kinds of plants, bonsai and flowers on the flower and bird market. I remember that at that time, Shanghai only sold Cymbidium. There were also white orchids and jasmine flowers on the  road in summer. There are basically no roses. Mom likes the rose, she  grew the roses at balcony, and also grew mimosa. The flower and bird market also had seasonal, spring and summer varieties, and the bonsai was very expensive. If you go to the large building materials store in the United States, home depot, there are some flowers and plants to sell. There are a variety of flowers, mostly roses, the number and quality are not as good as that in Europe, maybe every household here  plants more flowers in the yard. The farm we used to stay was specializing in  planting bonsai. It took three to five years to grow. But with the Chinese-made ceramic containers, it feels cultural quite strong. A rose branch is up to eight dollars. But there is culture values, so  the potted bonsai is more than $15.






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