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动手做工艺也可作为旅游项目  Hands-on craftsmanship can also be used as a tourist project

我这么想美国地大虽然北部冬天会很冷但是南部大部分地区一年四季都可以进行户外活动更何况每个人对健康的注重,所以体育是全民运动可是为什么我每天走路, 前后左右基本上都没有人人,就我一个人只有一次,天黑以后碰见一对抓精灵的父女,哈哈哈 欧洲的文化活动,戏剧音乐绘画读书博物馆,大多比较室内的,安静的象博览会这样子要出门参观,观看之余还要动手,可以是一种新的娱乐形式,我觉得挺好的关键是要把内容做充实,要能吸引足够的游客上次我说要让各地的人去拍视频,进行“ local specialties" 的比赛来呈现当地的特产和风土人情,但是我想博览会也许是一个更好的舞台来呈现这些东西上一次Jeff他们在上海参加东方梦中心的动工剪裁典礼,我就建议说,东方梦中心中可以增加一些手工艺术作坊、特色的旅游纪念品及其制作,不光可以让游客来自己动手试做一些东西,还可以开班培训学生中国有很多民间工艺,剪纸啊,中国结呀,纸艺, 手工制糖啊,甚至手工造纸,活字印刷,甚至腌火腿或熏肉,等等每一个孩子都有一颗好奇心,不光是孩子吧,大多希望探索世界,了解社会,经历丰富的文化在欧洲开博览会,是不是可以把别的文化的特别东西,也介绍给当地人呢?我记得在瑞典斯德哥尔摩的博物馆里,一层楼是专门介绍当地的生活方式的,里面呈现了瑞典人的居家生活比如客厅是怎么摆设的,餐厅,卧室,厨房,书房,婴儿室等等我想很多生活习惯,是和当地文化宗教紧紧联系在一起的,如果开博览会,是不是也可以开文化体验活动,周末呀,夏令营啊,比如让孩子们能够在这样环境中过几天日子请特定文化语言下的老师用当地的语言介绍怎么过日子的,怎么准备食物的,怎么做家务,有客人来要怎么招待,民族服饰有什么,音乐舞蹈有什么,有些什么节日,有什么规矩,等等等等当然配中文翻译小孩子从小就知道不同的文化传统,是什么样的生活习惯了如果在欧洲可以把多种文化呈现的每一个项目做成一个可以移动的 package, 那这些匠人和package就可以和别人的package在世界各处有机地组合那这样不光是在欧洲你们可以办这样的博览会,你们可以在世界各处办这样的博览会,将当地的特色文化传统和外来的这些项目相结合,那就是一台文化五彩纷呈的大戏了!对人口少的地区可以每年办一次,一次可以持续一个月我知道世界上有一个零零马戏团就是这样周游世界的,也可以跟他们合作呀人口众多的地区,那就可以一年四季办,如果有新的东西也随时可以调整甚至可以展示比较复杂的工艺,比如特别布料的纺织,比如景泰蓝,比如乐器制造和某些工艺的长期课程


I think so, the United States is big, although the northern winter would be very cold, but most of the south can be used for outdoor activities all year round. Not to mention everyone's focus on health, so sports is a national activities. But while I walk every day, there are basically no ones around me, the front, back, left, and right so on. I am alone. Only once, after dark, I met a pair of father and daughter who caught the elves. Hahaha European cultural activities, drama, music, painting, reading, museums, mostly indoors and quiet. Like the expo, it is necessary to go out and visit. It is a new form of entertainment. I think it is quite good. The key is to enrich the content and attract enough tourists. I said that I would like to let people from all over the country take videos and conduct "local specialties" competitions to present local specialties and customs, but I think the Expo may be a better stage to present these things. Last time Jeff was in Shanghai. At the opening ceremony of the Oriental Dream Center, I suggested that some art workshops and special tours can be added to the Oriental Dream Center. Souvenirs and their production can not only allow visitors to try their own things, but can also start classes to train students. There are many folk crafts in China, paper-cutting, Chinese knots, paper art, handmade candy, even handmade paper, stamp printing. Even preserved ham or bacon, etc. Every child has a curiosity, not just children, most of adults want to explore the world, understand the society, and experience a rich culture. Open a fair in Europe, can you also introduce other cultures special things to the locals? I remember that in the museum in Stockholm, Sweden, the first floor was dedicated to the local way of life, which showed the Swede's home life, such as how the living room was set up, restaurant, bedroom, kitchen, study, baby room, etc. I I think that many living habits are closely related to local culture and religion. If you open an expo, you can also open cultural experience activities at weekends, summer camps. For example, let children spend a few days in such an environment. Please ask the teachers in a specific cultural language to introduce how to live, teach the local language, how to prepare food, how to do housework, how to entertain guests, what is the national costume, what is the music dance, what festivals, what rules,  etc. Of course, with Chinese translation. So children from a young age know the different cultural traditions, what kind of living habits are. If you can make every project of multiple cultures into a movable package in Europe, then these craftsmen and packages can be organically combined with other people's packages around the world. So that  not only in Europe you can do such an exposition, you can have  expositions throughout the world, combining the local cultural traditions with these exotic projects, that is, a colorful show with a lot of culture! For areas with small populations, you can have it once a year, lasting for a month. I know that there is a Ringling Broscircus in the world, so you can also travel with them. You can work with them in a populous area. If you have something new, you can adjust it at any time. You can even show more complex techniques, such as how to sew special fabrics, such as how to make cloisonné, such as musical instrument manufacturing or other long-term courses for  certain crafts.






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