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俄国新研制的核动力导弹武器低轨, 变轨,核动力飞行久, 无法拦截  Russian newly developed nuclear-powered missile weapon is low-orbit, orbital, and nuclear-powered, flying for a long time, unable to intercept
这两天Jackie让我晚点去接她,因为他们学校排练跳舞, 是hip hop. 她还回来学给我看,丫小句 Jackie 有童子功,挺有舞蹈天分的,无论什么舞蹈,动作一跳,就有那种美的韵味。问她“有人夸奖吗?” “都夸奖!”这就对了。希望下次你们领袖集会的时候,她也能参加为大家跳舞弹琴啊! 普京大帝让我讲他们新研制的核动力导弹武器。 哈哈哈哈哈 我先讲这个武器先进的地方,第一是核动力的,一般常规武器用燃料的话,是飞不了多远的,要么变成卫星,然后再转轨攻击,这样在时间上就有延迟,就容易被敌方捕捉拦截,而核动力没有这个问题。其次那个导弹是可以随时变轨,而且是贴在地面飞行的,这样就很难让雷达侦测到,因为地面上可以有很多反射,一般的雷达不覆盖到地面。即使侦测到了,因为它可以变轨,也是拿它没有办法的,也就是说,现在美国最先进的,花几十年在全世界筑造起来的,包括地面太空海洋连成一体的导弹防御系统网,就算测到了,也没有办法阻止导弹的,因为它的飞行轨迹不可预估。也就是说,美国这些年建的系统,全都费了,花在这方面军费,打水漂了。第三,它可以一连发射好多枚,可以在不同地方机动地同时连续发射.  普京大帝可是大调皮,不光这些,俄军还有电磁干扰,当然,如果用电网短路,互联网发错误信息,那就是不费吹灰之力举手之劳,摧枯拉朽一大片的!那些鬼魅,现在除了玩屁眼枪眼,还能玩啥呢?7000亿军费! 看下次谁还能发明意念武器,动动脑子就进行对决,一个意念就能置敌人于死地,立马就知道谁胜谁负! 泽曼总统让我讲阿拉伯。阿拉伯的伊斯兰文明是辉煌的。伊斯兰教是世界上第二大教,有1.5-1.9亿人,仅次于基督教,几乎所有北非的国家,中东中亚,东南亚的马来西亚,印尼都是伊斯兰教国家。

In the past two days, Jackie asked me to pick her up later, because their school rehearsed and danced, it was hip hop. She came back to learn to show me, Jackie has talent, it is a dance talent, no matter what dance, action one Jumping, there is that kind of beautiful charm. Ask her, "Is anyone complimenting?" "All praise!" That's right. I hope that next time your leaders gather; she can also participate in dancing for everyone! Putin the Great told me to talk about their newly developed nuclear-powered missile weapons. Hahahahaha, let me first talk about the advanced place of this weapon. The first is nuclear power. If the fuel for conventional weapons is used, it will not fly far, or it will become a satellite, and then it will be converted into a missile. This will delay in time. It is easy for the enemy to capture and intercept, and nuclear power does not have this problem. Secondly, the missile can be changed at any time, and it is attached to the ground, so it is difficult to detect the radar, because there can be a lot of reflection on the ground, and the general radar does not cover the ground. Even if it is detected, because it can be changed, there is no way to take it. That is to say, now the most advanced in the United States, it has been built around the world for decades, including the missile defense of the ground, space and ocean. The system network, even if it is measured, there is no way to stop the missile, because its flight path is unpredictable. That is to say, all the systems built in the United States these years have been spent, and the military spending in this area has been frustrated. Third, it can launch many pieces in a row, and can be launched simultaneously in different places. Putin the Great is a big tune, not only these, the Russian army also has electromagnetic interference, of course, if the network is short-circuited, the Internet sends an error message, then It’s just a little effort to raise your hands and destroy a large piece! Those ghosts, now in addition to playing assholes, can you play? 700 billion military expenses! See who can invent the mind weapon next time, and move the brain to fight against each other. An idea can set the enemy to death, and immediately know who wins and who loses! President Zeman told me to speak Arabic. The Arab Islamic civilization is brilliant. Islam is the second largest church in the world, with 1.5-190 million people, second only to Christianity. Almost all countries in North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia are all Islamic countries.






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