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美国这边的法院从来是没有公正的,警察可以随便杀人,民主是被操纵的,腐败是制度上的腐败。The courts in the United States have never been fair. The police can kill people at will, democracy is manipulated, and corruption is institutional corruption.



要保持全球一体正常运行,必须制定和执行的新的全球政治结构中的法律法规  To maintain the normal operation of the global unity, laws and regulations in the new global political structure must be formulated and implemented

要保持全球一体正常运行,这些都是必须制定和执行的新的全球政治结构中的法律法规.这边的T & B眼睛里只盯着中国,不看看西方国家自己,而且用私生活来要挟,颠覆中国政府,抹黑中国一带一路领袖的形象,否定中国改革开放的巨大成果,来摘桃子,结果会如何呢,恐怕不太会如愿以偿的.杜绝腐败,廉洁政府,像这种事情应该是全球各个政府共同探讨,一起设立全球范围的共识和法律,大家一起来设立专门部门监督才好,才会杜绝的.如果海内外不让这些人置产投资,有所行动必招致惩罚,(银行金融单位一查就查出来了)做了没有好结果,他们没必要这么做嘛!大李哥出来的保护私人资产方案,这只是一小部分,这个法律是不完备的,应该有更大的一个完整系统把腐败的可能除掉.而且法律是为人民服务的,不是来压抑人性的.比如中国的限胎政策,如果有一对夫妻其中一方不能生育,那他们没孩子,如果另一对夫妻他们有这个爱心能力和条件想多生孩子,可他们只能生两胎,这完全就是不合理,就是鼓励别人离婚或超生生私生子的你不能拿不合理的法律,来要挟,惩罚,控制丑化别人正常的人性诉求.很多地方觉得中国政府做法,是给别人机会向自己开枪啊!有些事情是应该全世界一道来做的,这才公平合理,为什么只拿中国人当枪靶? 默克尔再一次连任,向她祝贺!德国民族是象二郎神那样有天眼的,妈妈从小就对我说,看不见的要比看得见的重要,这个民族有能力有天眼,得见她的团队美好!叶卡特琳娜也是德国女人,欧洲文化对女性的欣赏支持,不止局限在对女性外在美的欣赏,更注重人的各方面才能性格,比别的文化要多很多.这也是德国民族的福气.T & B欣赏力可是要修炼出来的但是我还是希望Jackie有一天有能力可以为她设计时装,免费的,政治人物在公众场合应该穿得更漂亮,世界上大多数人是缺少天眼的.  如果中国想承纳全世界,那就应该在法律上,物质条件上,人的思想观念上,做好准备.谢谢你们为Jackie请了五个不同的老师,来教她不同的学科!鼓掌称赞,谢谢他们,如果真的平时要请他们,不知道要花费多少钱.听说他们都是中国人,哈佛毕业的,第一我要说,中国人有人才不简单,了不起!第二,我相信他们都是优异素质,我要说的是,好学历好学校行业专家,和好老师不一定能划等号的.第三,我是听过很多这边名校的公开课的,记得有一位教欧洲史的老师,他的身分是欧洲的一位天主教牧师,来兼课的,他不光知道欧洲的详细历史,还知道历史事件之间的联系,文化的宗教的原因,那个时候的很多名人轶事如果Jackie可以在世界范围挑选不同文化背景老师,对孩子来说何尝不是一件好事?海外很多年纪大的,有经验的,如果可以把他们组织起来,对中国孩子远程教学,也许还可以交朋友,学文化,是中国孩子的福气呢!不知道全世界的人,有没有心态上准备好平等尊重对待中国人,不知道中国的法律条件设施,有没有足够完善能够开放.

To maintain the normal operation of the global unity, these all need laws and regulations in the new global political structure that must be formulated and implemented. T&B here only stares at China, does not look at the Western countries themselves, and threatens Chinese leaders with private lives , subvert the Chinese government, discredit the image of China's Belt and Road leaders, deny the huge achievements of China's reform and opening up, and pick peach, what will happen? I'm afraid it won't work out as expected. Put an end to corruption and a clean government, things like this should be discussed by all governments around the world. Everyone should set up a global consensus and laws, and set up a special department to supervise, then it will really prevent corruption. If these people are not allowed to invest in home and abroad, they will be punished if they take action. Bank financial units can find it out after just checking it. If they do it without good results, they don’t have to do it! Brother Li’s plan to protect private assets is only a small part. This law is incomplete. There should be a larger and complete system to eliminate the possibility of corruption. And the law is for the people, not for depressing human nature. For example, China's second-child policy, if one of the couples cannot bear children, then they have no children. If another couple have love, ability and conditions and want to have more children, they can only have two. This is totally unreasonable, that is, it encourages others to divorce, over-birth, or have illegitimate children. You can’t use unreasonable laws to threaten, punish, control, and vilify other people’s normal human needs. In many places, I think the Chinese government’s approach is to give someone the opportunity to shoot at Chinese themselves! There are certain things that should be done by the whole world. This is fair and reasonable. Why only use the Chinese as the target? Merkel is re-elected again, and I congratulate her! The German nation has the eye of God like "Er Lang god". My mother told me from an early age that the invisible is more important than the visible. This nation has the ability and the eyes to "see" the beauty of her team! Catherine the Great is also a German woman. European culture's appreciation and support for women is not limited to the appreciation of women's external beauty. It pays more attention to all aspects of human talents and personality. It is much more than other cultures. This is also a blessing to the German nation. T & B, appreciation is to be cultivated. But I still hope that Jackie will one day be able to design fashion for Merkel, it is free. Political figures should dress more beautifully in public, because most people in the world lack the eyes of God. If China wants to undertake the world, then it should be done legally, in terms of material conditions, and people’s ideology with good preparation. Thank you for inviting five different teachers for Jackie to teach her different subjects! Applaud and praise, thank you. If I really want to hire them, I don’t know how much it will cost. I heard that they are all Chinese and graduated from Harvard. First of all, I want to say that it is not easy for Chinese people to have talent, it is amazing! Second, I believe they are of excellent quality. But what I want to say is that industry experts from good schools  may not be necessary good teachers. Thirdly, I have seen many public courses in famous schools here. I remember one teacher who taught European history, his identity is a Catholic priest in Europe, who came to teach part-time classes. He not only knew the detailed history of Europe, but also knew the connection between historical events, the reasons for the religion and culture, and many anecdotes of celebrities at that time. If Jackie can select teachers with different cultural backgrounds worldwide, it is better for children. Isn't it a good thing? Many older and experienced people overseas, if you can organize them to teach distance to Chinese children, maybe children can also make friends and learn culture from them, that is the blessing of Chinese children! I don’t know if people all over the world are mentally prepared to treat Chinese people with equal respect. I don’t know if the legal conditions and facilities in China are perfect enough and can be opened?









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