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Sep 26, 2017 at 5:28 PM


全球系统整合的时候在每一个重要环节都要有一个回路自测,设不同的自测指标,预防政治动乱和经济危机和紧急状况。During the integration of the global system, there must be a loop self-test in every important link, with different self-test indicators to prevent political turmoil, economic crisis and emergency situations.

亲爱的主席,88,你们后面T & B我觉得郭文贵爆料是这边的T & B 干的,你看他做专注的都是下流的东西,就像那些人一直对我的攻击那样,现在更注重攻击我跟88的私人情感了,(全球领袖情报单位都众所周知,何之有啊?88,还做鸵鸟?)他们目的吗就是搞臭你们,然后来摘你们的桃子.今天才搞明白,原来郭文贵后面是FBI,染指Jackie跟我过不去是 FBI干的,FBI  means F* B inside and out.怪不得科米要下课了,管内政把美国经济弄得欠巨债,相比中国的肥得流油腐败,真让人气愤,我的赔偿呢?去看这边这些人,没有人是十全十美的,文贵说美国这边法治民主公正,那简直是睁着眼睛说瞎话.这边的法院从来是没有公正的,这边的警察可以随便杀人,这边的民主是操纵的,今年美国的军费7千亿,这边的腐败是制度上的腐败,深入骨髓的,老实说伊拉克战争,就是因为经济发展,民用军用的利益分配不平衡,有人靠手里的枪杆子来摘桃子的这次郭文贵事件是又一个摘桃子翻版,已经有人马上迫不及待跳出来跟你们讨价还价了制度的系统腐败更祸害,这边法学院毕业的没有工作,像我们这些那么多经验的没有工作,讲中国人腐败,可是腐败是因为中国改革开放成功,有条件富裕才腐败呀!是这边妒忌眼红想分一杯羹摘桃子的心态呀!中国人怎么会答应啊!郭文贵是个大傻逼. 其实中国的军统王岐山,中统孟建柱,在新的形势下也应该有一个统一联合呀,这样才能发挥更大的作用.现在全球一体化,信息完全不隐蔽,这么偷偷摸摸在国外买房产转移资金老天都看着呢!也可以有一个正常的投资单位,为这些默默无闻的幕后工作者做合法的投资才行啊.有些不明智才觉得中国政府应该专门设立一个组织把这些都收归国有,整体的来经营投资,并和这些以前的拥有者讲好条件,每年给他们一定的分成,不光中央政府领导人,地方很多的有钱人,非法资本在国外的,也可以同样方法处置啊.那我要办学的场地,还有各国领导人聚会的庄园,甚至国内政府官员的家属,本人,生病出来休养看病,不都有地方了吗?挂私人的名义,资金来源如何解释呀?黑道治国不文明不会长久中国的腐败是人的腐败,是各自分散的利益集团自作主张的腐败,是蚕食的腐败,美国是系统性的结构性的腐败,不然就不会有2008年的多米诺骨牌似的全球经济危机了.天下乌鸦一般黑,人心都贪的有一个系统当然是比山头林立各自蚕食要好,但是系统的不完备就会造成多米诺骨牌效应,祸害更大.在西雅图的时候,遇到特大风雪,我所居住的那地区供电被大雪压倒电线杆整个区域停电了.整个城镇一片乌漆嘛黑,加油站也停了,要开十几分钟车到别的有电的地区去加油.所以当我们设计无线通讯网络的时候,每一个基站用交流电供应,同时也有备用的电池,在紧急状况启动电池,可以维持基站运行几天,保持紧急状况下的交流通讯,和给出时间让人来修理.我们这边每幢房子供电电表下面,都有跟主开关相连的保险丝,一旦电流不正常保险丝烧掉跳闸,就保证整个房子不会因为电流过量而引起火灾全球系统整合的时候在每一个重要环节都要有一个回路自测,设不同的自测指标,有这样的法规,在整个全球系统中就可以保证权利不滥用,金融不混乱,预防政治动乱和经济危机和紧急状况。


Dear Chairman, 88, T&B behind you, I think Guo Wengui broke the news that it is the T&B here did it. You see that they  mostly focused on obscene things, just like those people have been attacking me. They now pay more attention to attacking my personal emotions with 88. Global leaders’ intelligence units  all  know well, what is “private”? 88, also be ostrich? Their purpose is to make you smelly and then pick your peaches. Today, I realized that behind Guo Wengui was  the FBI, and  who troubled me and Jackie again? FBI did it. FBI means F* B inside and out. No wonder Comey is  to resign, they manage the internal affairs and make the American economy owe huge debts. Compared with China's fat and corruption, we are really angry, what about my compensation? I  see these people here, and no one is perfect. Guo Wengui said that the rule of law in the United States is democratic and fair, and that is simply talking nonsense even with the eyes open. The courts here have never been fair, and the police here can kill people casually.  Democracy here is manipulated. This year’s US defense budget is $700 billion. Corruption here is institutional corruption and is deeply rooted in system bone marrow. To be honest, the Iraq War was due to the economic development and the uneven distribution of the interests of the civilian military. Some people wanted to pick peaches with a gun in their hands. This Guo Wengui incident is another replica of peach picking. Some people can’t wait to jump out and have bargained with you. The corruption of the system  is even more harmful. Those who graduated from law schools here have no jobs, and those with so much experience like us have no jobs. For example, some Chinese people are corrupt, but corruption is due to the success of China's reform and opening up, and it is only possible to be corrupt if it is rich! It's the jealousy  of the United States who wants to share a cup of peach! How could the Chinese agree? Guo Wengui is a fool. In fact, China’s military secret “Wang Qishan” and the central secret “Meng Jianzhu” should also have a unified union under the new situation, so as to play a greater role. Now global integration, information is not hidden , someone is so secretly buying real estate abroad to transfer funds, even God sees it! The Chinese government can also have a normal investment unit and make legal investments for these obscured behind-the-scenes workers. It is not wise to purchase property overseas, so I think the Chinese government should set up a special organization to nationalize all these to manage investment as a whole, and to set good conditions with these former owners, to give them a certain share every year. That’s not only the leaders of the central government, but also a lot of rich people in the local area, and people with illegal capital abroad. It can be handled in the same way. Then the place where I want to run a school, the manor where the leaders of various countries meet, and even the family members of domestic government officials, themselves, or come out to recuperate to see a doctor, are there any places to stay? They hang in the name of private individuals, how to explain the source of funds? "Underworld" ruling the country will not last long. Corruption in China is the corruption of people, the corruption of their respective scattered interest groups, the corruption of the country, and the United States is systematic structural corruption, otherwise there will be no corruption in 2008, the domino-like global economic crisis. The crows in the world are generally black, and the people are greedy. There is of course a system that is better than cannibalizing hills and mountains. But the incomplete system will cause the domino effect, and the disaster will be even greater. When I was in Seattle, when I encountered a heavy snowstorm, the power supply in the area where I live was overwhelmed by the snow, and the entire area was blacked out. The town was dark, and the gas station was also stopped. I have to drive for ten minutes to refuel in other areas with electricity. So when we design the wireless communication network, each base station is supplied with AC power, and there is also a backup battery. Starting the battery in an emergency  can keep the base station running for a few days, maintain communication in an emergency, and give time for someone to repair it. Every house on our side has a power switch connected to the main switch. The fuse, once the current is abnormal, the fuse is burned out or tripped, to ensure that the entire house will not cause a fire due to excessive current. When the global system is integrated, there must be a loop self-test at every important link, with different self-test indicators.   When there are such regulations, the entire global system can ensure that rights are not abused, finances are not chaotic, and political turmoil and economic crises and emergencies are prevented.






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