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健康是本钱  Health is capital


It seems that Jackie has a lot of homework this semester. She doesn’t sleep enough every day and has no time to talk with world leaders. Is your World Political Forum still open? Was it when Jackie was in school? It's a pity that Jackie can't play piano for you. This semester, she has more subjects, like psychology and biology, there are many new  concepts, it is not easy to learn, you have worked hard, thank you for finding a teacher for her. Last semester their school has physical education classes every day, and children had to run more than a mile every time. So this time I took her out to travel, and she didn’t feel tired at all in the long way. Now she has to swim every day in physical education class, and every time she has to swim for more than an hour, she is very tired! I was thinking in my heart, that's okay, let her be tired, eat more, and lay the foundation of her health while she is young now. People grow up and their healthy bodies are capital. Last time Jeff’s wife came to bring eight Kebabs, but the wild child ate six alone. Mrs. Jeff watched her eating, wondering how she could eat so much! They all let her eat, and I scolded her when she came back. She was really not sensible. Dear Chairman, 88, we grew up in an environment with siblings when we were kids. The family is not rich, if there is something good, everything is shared by everyone. She is the  only child who lacks the concept of sharing. In the future, when she goes out to live a collective life, or as a leader, or even makes friends into marriage, her self-confident temper and personality may cause trouble. Please help me educate her more, let her learn to share and learn to care about others! Dear Chairman, 88, she talks to you in the room with the door closed every day. Sometimes she yells and is cheerful, I don’t know what she is talking about, is it really telling you? I Just to ask, you fathers, you should also pay attention to the cultivation of her good character. This is a matter of life. Thank you, 

oliticians and entrepreneurs, no matter what their professional occupations are, don’t leave their professions  talking after three sentences when they meet, they just talk about their own career! The president of Toyota and the president of Mercedes-Benz met together, intriguing each other to find out what their next model is and what the promotion plan is! Wal-Mart and Target are also mutually unwilling. When she saw Brother Li, he asked her in the first sentence, "Look, how do I build Henan?". Even when I met my Dear Chairman at first, 88, you asked me to talk about politics. How could I know? I told Jackie, "As a professional, a person with a career, the most important thing in all of his life is career. No matter who you are with, if you want to maintain a long-term relationship, you must support his career!" And they have limitations because they are all focused on their professions. If they can take a step back and see a broader field beyond their professions, maybe this can take their professions to the next level. I asked her, if she still  remember when we went to Mt. Lushan, was there a poem written by Scholar Su Dongpo on it? I told her that every time she meets and communicates with different people, I hope that she can hear as much as she can and see a panorama. She nodded unequivocally. Dear Chairman, 88, I read a lot of books when I was very young. I have asked you a lot of literary works of various countries and various wisdom proverbs. If she has no time, can you show her a brief version, or usually tell her more. Only in this way can she improve her vocabulary, and she must be forced to expand her vocabulary. I told her that in this way she can make draft right away and write beautiful articles! For example, if you say "I want to see a thousand miles away, go to the next upper level", then it is beautiful, and there are a lot of meanings that can make others understand, better than a lot of vernacular writing! She understands. Thank you so much. Hope that one day Jackie will be able to talk eloquently to the Supreme Judge and those who are knowledgeable, and talk to them about Tang poetry, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Darwin, and her own thoughts.







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