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Jackie和政要,企业家们有趣互动  Jackie and dignitaries, entrepreneurs have fun interacting


Sep 17, 2017 at 3:53 PM

Jackie与大法官John Roberts斗嘴,自己创造新字  Jackie quarrels with Justice John Roberts, creating new words by himself

亲爱的主席,88,我要向你们控诉,你们伶牙俐齿的丫小句野孩子,自从跟了你们以后,不但没有收敛改弦易辙,反而更加肆无忌惮无法无天,在昨天跟尊贵的大人们交往时候,犯下的罪状! 昨天电力公司Edison John, Goldman Sachs Lloyd(他也是第三次来看Jackie的,Jackie一定有什么东西让他非常喜欢)一个有power一个有钱,两个犹太人在联邦超级法院大法官John Roberts 面前,却唯唯喏喏正襟危坐,敬畏之情表露无遗全美国对这九位大法官都是尊敬有加的!可是,你们的丫小句野孩子又开始贱骨头,天不怕地不怕,惹事生非了!我猜想的没错,那位大法官是一位正经八百的老爷子,而且道行很深,用词遣句都非常讲究的原以为Jackie会跟他讲究逻辑和辩论的,不料想那位大法官在丫小句野孩子面前卖弄他的哲学思想和词汇量了!在美国有三种人词汇量很大,一种是牧师,一种就是法律界的,还有就是医生.而且在美国人心目中有成见,中国人是不会说好的英文的.Jackie从小阅读量不够的,而且我也没有逼着她记单词.让她去跟大法官斗嘴,那是班门弄斧必死无疑的,除非讲逻辑!他们俩个人一老一少你来我往,那个唇枪舌剑呀,看得边上两人都不敢插嘴.88,你还记得当初,刚认识Jackie的时候,你说她是 you  are a dying cat结果她眼睛都不眨立马回你一句you are a dying cow" , 听得我心惊胆战手心里捏一把汗,生怕得罪您大人了!丫小句野孩子就是这个脾气呀,对天皇老子都不肯认输的,嘴巴很厉害的,每次跟我吵都让我头痛万分的!这次就是上次的翻版呀,两人pk 到最后,那位大法官禁不住问Jackie那个什么,你刚才说的那个词,有这个词吗?Jackie脸都不红,理直气壮的说没有,我只是顺着你往下说而已!” 岂有此理呀!联邦超级法院大法官哑口无言,小孩子可以百无禁忌蛮不讲理自己创造一个词,学富五车的大法官却不可以,而且Jackie脑子快的不得了,编造一个词不费吹灰之力,这样斗下去谁赢谁输啊?

Dear Chairman, 88, I want to sue you, your clever little wild child, since following you, not only hasn’t it not converged, it has changed, but it has become more wanton and lawless,

Yesterday she had committed a crime while communicating with the noble masters! Yesterday John of the power company Edison, Lloyd of Goldman Sachs, (He also visited Jackie for the third time, Jackie must have something that he likes very much.) One has power, the other one has money, but they are two Jews. In front of the Federal Super Court Justice John Roberts, they sat down in a humble manner and showed respect. All nine judges in the United States are respectful! However, your wild child has become restless again, and she was not afraid to cause trouble again! What I guessed is right. The judge was a decent old man, and he was very knowledgeable and very careful with words and sentences. I thought Jackie would talk to him about logic and debate, but I didn’t expect that the judge has shown off his philosophy and vocabulary in front of the wild girl! There are three kinds of people in the United States who have a large vocabulary, one is  pastor, the other is  legal person, and another is  doctor. And there is a prejudice in the minds of Americans, that is, the Chinese do not speak good English. Jackie   hasn’t read enough since she was a child, and I haven’t forced her to remember words. If I let her fight with the judge, then she will lose without self-discipline unless she says logic! The two of them, old and young, you come and I go, lip-gun tongue-sword. It seems that the two Jews didn’t dare to intervene. 88, you remember when you first met Jackie, you said she was “you are a dying cat. "As a result, she gave it back to you without even blinking, "you are a dying cow". On the side I heard it, I was really terrified, and I squeezed a sweat in my hand, fearing that she would offend you master! The wild girl has such a temper. She refuses to admit defeat even to the Emperor. Her mouth is very powerful. Every time she quarrels with me, it gives me a headache! This time it was the last reprint. The PK reached the end, and the judge couldn’t help but ask Jackie, “That what, the word you just said, is there this word?” Jackie didn’t blush, and said straightforwardly. No, I just follow you down!" Why not? The Justice of the Federal Super Court was speechless. Because a child can be quite unreasonable without taboos, she created a word herself, but the judge who is so knowledgeable does not. And Jackie's brain is terribly fast. It's effortless to make up a word. In this fight, who wins and who loses?






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