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真正能够撑起这个社会大厦的主要是靠内部骨架结构啊  The main thing that can really support this social building is the internal skeleton structure.


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这个社会有在表面美轮美奂装潢的,也有在内部骨架结构的  This society is beautifully decorated on the surface, but also has an internal skeleton structure

亲爱的主席,88今天网上好多爆料。这才只是冰山一角,国内政界原来是这样成人剧啊!88 跟你后面 T & B有关吗?让人想象,不能光明正大地站出来的,一定有很多猫腻了想来挑选 Jackie就是因为她还没有进入成人世界吧,不然又多是非Jackie这样没任何身分背景,天上掉下来的孤儿以后要出人头地就只能靠上帝了今天美国伟大的作曲家John Williams 来看 Jackie, 85岁了,真不容易!他所有的作品,是他自己写出来的,不是别人代笔的这边很多大企业的 CEO,也许本身并不那么有能力,但是有后面的团队支持,可John 是作曲的,完全是靠自身才华,有那么多脍炙人口的作品.很崇拜他!今天苹果的库克又来看Jackie了,这次是第三次了,距离上次才一个多礼拜,觉得库克可能是真的太寂寞了,他的脸色不是那种开朗明媚的,他在他的同性恋的残枝秋凉,和苹果的高管象牙塔里,经受着人性的寂寞挣扎,喜欢Jackie或者只是来放松一下,都是原始的生命在寻找空间,想去呼吸新鲜空气,获取生存的能量和欢喜,真的,我多希望Jackie能够体会理解,一个夕阳老人,和一个同性恋高层的,处境和心境,希望小女孩能够多给他们带来自由自在的欢乐.第一次库克和Jackie见面,好像还挺谈得来,因为延长了一个多小时,再让我去接只有这次我才告诉Jackie库克是同性恋,她很吃惊,因为她说库克很有趣,会逗她!这次谈的又兴高采烈的,John Williams 85岁还在为好几家电影公司创作作曲,搞音乐的真的是一辈子的事,Jackie跟他讲音乐,讲Steven电影,真的好热络. John 还答应为 Jackie找作曲老师,我太感谢了,真想好好的给他一个大大的拥抱!要知道教丫小句野孩子学作曲可不是一件容易的事情,我已经头痛到现在了!终于上天降下灵光,让Jackie可以找到好老师,心甘情愿的学习,谢谢你们.库克三句话不离本行,老在讲他的新出来的手机学工科的人,兴趣爱好少一点吧!性格脾气不是那种会”花”的人.T & B,可以想见你们都是straight,有见过库克除了喜欢孩子,小女孩以外,还有喜欢过别的女人吗?...他还一口答应Jackie,以后有空周末多多来看她.他们都挺忙的,亲爱的主席,88告诉Jackie这个社会有在表面美轮美奂装潢的,也有在内部骨架结构的,真正能够撑起这个社会大厦的主要是靠内部骨架结构啊!库克就是搞这方面的,你们知识背景不够完全,如果Jackie能够从库克那儿接受另一方面的栋梁教育,她看世界的眼光就会不同!明天Jackie还要去见联邦高级法院大法官,那更是社会的规矩梁柱了!希望Jackie的伶牙俐齿,罗辑善辩能够让那位大法官喜欢亲爱的主席,88,我也想多贡献呀,明天Jackie还要见人,给一点工钱好不? 

Dear Chairman, 88, a lot of news broke on line today. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The domestic political circle turned out to be such an adult drama! 88. Is it related to the T & B behind you? Imagine that if you can’t stand upright, there must be a lot of abnormalities. They want to choose Jackie because she has not yet entered the adult world, otherwise, she is troublesome. Orphans like Jackie who have no background and fall from the sky, she will have to rely on God to stand out in the future.  Today, the great American composer John Williams came to see Jackie, 85 years old, it is not easy! All his works were written by himself, not written by others. The CEOs of many large companies here may not be so capable themselves, but they are supported by the team behind them. But John is a composer, who is entirely on his own talent. He has so many popular works. I adore him! Today, Apple’s Cook came to see Jackie again. This is the third time. It’s been more than a week since last time. I think Cook may be really lonely. His face is not that kind of cheerful nor bright. His homosexual stump falls chill and Apple’s executives in the ivory tower suffered from the loneliness of human nature. He likes Jackie or just to relax. Both primitive life and humanity are looking for space, want to breathe fresh air, and obtain the energy and joy of survival. Really, I wish Jackie could understand the situation and state of mind of a sunset old man and a gay senior, and hope that the little girl can bring them more free joy. The first time Cook and Jackie met, it seemed both of them to be quite talkative, because they extended for more than an hour before letting me pick her up. Only this time I told Jackie that Cook is gay. She was surprised because she said Cook was funny and would tease her! This time they talked about happily. At the age of 85, John Williams was still composing music for several film companies. It was really a lifetime to do music. Jackie talked to him about music and Steven movies, and it was really hot. John I also promised to find a composer for Jackie. I am so grateful. I really want to give him a big hug! It’s not easy to teach  wild girl to learn composition. I’ve got a headache now! Finally, God has lowered his aura, so Jackie can find a good teacher and learn willingly. Thank you. Cook keeps talking his work, and always talks about Apple’s new mobile phone. Those who study engineering, have less hobbies! Cook's temper is not the kind of person who can "coax". T & B, I can imagine that you are all straight. Have you ever seen Cook like other children besides  little girl? ...He promised Jackie one more time and would come to see her more on weekends in the future. They were all very busy. Dear Chairman, 88, I told Jackie that some people in this society are beautifully decorated on the surface, and some people have built skeleton structures inside. What really supports this social building is the internal skeleton structure! Cook is engaged in this aspect, your knowledge background is not complete, if Jackie can receive another pillar education from Cook, her vision of the world will be different! Tomorrow Jackie is going to meet with the judge of the Federal Supreme  Court, that is even more a legal pillar of society! I hope Jackie’s cleverness and logic arguing will make the judge like it. Dear Chairman, 88, I would also like to contribute more. Tomorrow, Jackie will still meet someone and will you give me a little salary?






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