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Jun 2, 2017 at 10:36 PM

对人性的满足,在互联网电脑空间中要创造出这么一个服务空间,是海量的编程呀. Satisfaction with human nature, to create such a service space in the Internet computer space is a massive amount of programming.

亲爱的主席,88Jackie还要我写短文.  她现在正在和盖茨讲话呢,你们跟他还聊得起来吗?也许让我参加会有火花呢我就写写他吧他告诉Jackie,微软下面的发展方向可能是VR. 前几天网上说,盖茨写给2017年毕业的学生, “找到一个机会来做出有影响力的事情,会选择这三大领域:人工智能、能源和生物科学。”  30年前我来美国的时候,个人电脑才刚刚起步微软沿用了苹果公司的视窗系统,把以前繁琐的线性打字指令变成了二维的可以移动的小老鼠点击视窗在人类历史上,第一次为每一个用电脑的个人打开了一扇个体的VR这是世界大规模走向数字化的开始以后在PC上开发出了不计其数的软件,可是那都是局限在固定电脑里的无法分享的应用那些应用软件,就像每个人家里摆了好多漂亮的东西可是如果你不去别人家,可能永远也看不到.   科技发展日新月异一日千里,美军把互联网技术大众化,从此在电脑空间中的个体被互联网连接起来了最原始的是通过email,通过published website. 你看就像有边界和主权的一个一个个体王国,被互联网这样子的高速通道连接起来,信息可以在其中输送任何一个用户,都可以随意去任何网站,只要是发表的没有设障碍的更有甚者,随着科技的进步,以前只是自己的宝贝,现在都可以集中放在特定的地方和云端,让大家共享.这有什么好处呢,好处就是无论你到哪里,只要能上网你就能获得信息,而不是非要走到哪里带着你的PC不可.而且随着这个世界越来越高数字化,在此之上的应用会无穷无尽的可能对人的需要满足,实体的部分,比如衣食住行,饮食男女,占整个服务比例越来越小而上层的开发出来的对人性的满足,比如艺术,情感,社交,荣誉,领导力,受尊敬,爱,受欣赏,受教育,等等会产生巨大的市场而这些人性的需求,是不光只有个人可以自我满足的,it takes the whole society to fulfill that. 而在互联电脑空间中,要创造出这么一个服务空间,就要针对人的需要,设置一定的平台要利用互联的网络在VR空间实现那是各种各样的需求,是海量的编程呀

Dear Chairman, 88, Jackie wants me to write a short essay. She is talking to Gates now, can you still talk to him? Maybe let me participate, there will be sparks. I will write about him. He told Jackie that Microsoft's following development direction may be VR. A few days ago, he said on line that Gates wrote to students who graduated in 2017, "If I find an opportunity to do influential things, I will choose these three major areas: artificial intelligence, energy, and biological science. " When I came to the United States 30 years ago, personal computers were just getting started. Microsoft followed Apple ’s windows system. Previously cumbersome linear typing instructions became a two-dimensional movable mouse click window. For the first time in human history, an individual VR window was opened for each person using a computer. This is the world's large-scale trend of the beginning of digitization. In the future, countless software has been developed on the PC, but those are applications on a fixed computer  that cannot be shared. Those applications are like everyone has a lot of beautiful things in their homes. But If you don’t go to someone else ’s house, you may never see it. With the rapid development of science and technology, the US military popularizes Internet technology, and  individuals in the computer space have been connected by Internet. The most original is through email, through a published website. You see, this is like an individual kingdom with boundaries and sovereignty, connected by a high-speed channel like the Internet, and information can be transmitted in it. Any user can go to any website at will, as long as it is published and there are no obstacles. What's more, with the advancement of technology, it used to be its own treasure, but now it can be concentrated in specific places and the cloud for everyone to share.  What are the advantages of this? The advantage is that no matter where you go, you can get information as long as you can access the Internet, rather than having to carry your PC wherever you go. And as the world becomes more and more digitized, the applications on the Internet will be endless. It may meet the needs of people, and the physical part, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, food and beverage, men and women, accounts for a smaller and smaller proportion of the entire service. And the satisfaction of human nature developed by the upper layers, such as art, emotion, social networking, honor, leadership, respect, love, appreciation, education, etc., will create a huge market. And are these human needs only? And these human needs are not only satisfied by individuals, it takes the whole society to fulfill that. In the interconnected computer space, to create such a service space, we must set up a certain platform for interconnection according to human needs. The network is implemented in the VR space. That is a variety of needs, it is a massive amount of programming.






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