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Jun 2, 2017 at 6:50 PM

我回到国内连我一生从来不相识的人后面都有看不见的鬼影  I went back to my country, and even the people I had never known in my life had invisible ghosts behind them

亲爱的主席,88我们明天就要启程了我早上醒来躺在床上,把整个行程在心里边走一遍想想去年去欧洲,有些什么事情要注意的,换公车去意大利的时候,千万别忘了把东西留在车上,上洗手间的一欧元是要多准备的,要把伞放在外边的这次没有Wi-Fi盒,路上要跟同车的乘客商量,看谁好心愿意跟我们分享,到时候付一点钱给他们我多带点零用钱,下飞机坐出租车去旅馆,买食物,去自己想去的艺术馆我不是第一次带Jackie外出了,她好像挺习惯的,自己知道怎么样准备欧洲南部很多石子路,所以带一双厚底的运动鞋本来还想带点礼物给欧洲这些热情的领袖们,因为没法见面,所以也就算了,我们就多拍点照片,晚上回旅馆跟你们共享吧以前我经常出差,所以行李里边东西都不愿多带的,零零碎碎多麻烦女孩子经常坐飞机的,不太容易怀孕,因为飞行,时差调整,会影响内分泌而造成紊乱失调的同时也担心美国这儿家里不要出什么事,我妈妈一个人在美国平平安安的就好谢谢亲爱的主席,88你们那么疼爱关心Jackie好几次特地邀请欧洲的领袖们来相聚,不但给她讲欧洲的历史文化,还告诫她旅行的注意事项我心里很感激的,亲亲你们,抱抱你们,你们是我的大宝贝!  更谢谢欧洲的领袖们,反正我知道我们的手机,是有很很多人跟踪的也许通过我们的随行所见,可以为欧洲带来更多的游客,让更多的人可以欣赏喜欢欧洲丰富的文化吧.上次我回国去印度旅行,随行的还居然不止一人知道我的底细我傻眼了,国内的情报系统实在是太TMD无孔不入恐怖发达了我在国外一个人过寂寞惯了因为没有那么多的联系所以骚扰就非得直接进入我的生活不可那些骚扰已经够让人义愤填膺了我回到国内连我一生从来不相识的人后面都有看不见的鬼影而且是负向的,是对裤裆以下事情感兴趣的我充满鄙视如果我做了反人民反国家反历史潮流之事,有政治上的缺陷,或者就某些政治的动向和设计对国家产生的影响拿来探讨,我倒还会尊重对手,把他当回事儿!象这种样子的攻击,简直就是一群爬虫烂污这么一大批人被这些心怀叵测的人利用,如此搞政治那才是国家的灾难和悲哀这些地方我以前都去过,第一次去很为欧洲文化的丰富绚烂而感慨的那时候中国哪有现在这样的豪气呀,很多地方都是破破烂烂的,对古迹也不注重保护而欧洲对建筑的保护对环境的注重有目共睹,而且注重视觉艺术的欧洲人到处都有艺术的闪光点,让人目不暇接那时候我去东欧是自驾的,所以看的地方多一点。由于欧洲泊车很困难,一般都是驾车者在城外找一个免费泊车的地方,然后坐公车去城里有名的景点参观如果有当地人认识最方便,跟着到处走得心应手的我于是就幻想,Jackie长大如果可以跟这些领袖的孩子做朋友,在各个地方,都有领队,相聚的时候,大家跟着一起去玩就行了,比如去西雅图就去找Rory, 去莫斯科就找Anna去迪拜就找Aliya, 就像在洛杉矶Eric Gucette 那样,带着他们到处玩,多好!

Dear Chairman, 88, we are about to leave tomorrow. I woke up in bed in the morning and walked the whole itinerary in my heart. Think about what we should pay attention to when we went to Europe last year. We changed buses to Italy at that time, don’t forget to get things in the car. The one Euro we used to go to the bathroom is to be prepared more, and we need to put the umbrella outside. This time there is no Wi-Fi box, we have to discuss with the passengers in the same car on the road, see who kindly will be willing to share with us, and pay when the time comes giving them a little money. I bring some pocket money. I can take a taxi to the hotel, buy food, and go to the art gallery I want to go. This is not the first time I have taken Jackie out. She seems quite used to it, she  knows how to prepare myself. There are many gravel roads in southern Europe, so I bring a pair of thick-soled sneakers. I originally want  to bring some gifts to these enthusiastic leaders in Europe, because I can’t meet them, so I will forget it, we will take more   photos and go back to the hotel to share with you in the evening. I used to travel a lot, so I didn’t want to carry anything more in my luggage, so it will not be a lot of trouble. It’s not easy for girls to get pregnant because of flight time difference. Adjustment will affect the hornmon and cause disorder. At the same time, I am also worried that nothing will happen to the family here in the United States. My mother is safe in the United States alone. Thank you, Dear Chairman, 88 , You love Jackie so much, you have invited European leaders to come together several times, not only to tell her European history and culture, but also to warn her about travel precautions. I am very grateful, kiss you, hug you, You are my big babies! I am even more grateful to the leaders of Europe. Anyway, I know that our mobile phone is tracked by many people. Perhaps through our accompanying visits, this can bring more tourists to Europe, so that more people can appreciate European rich culture. Last time I went back  to travel to India, more than one person in group actually knew my details. I was dumbfounded. The domestic intelligence system is too TMD terrible. It ’s so pervasive and developed. I’m lonely abroad. I'm used to it, because I don't have so many connections, so someone has to directly enter my life if they are harassing me. The harassment is enough to make people angry. And when I go back to China, even people I have never met in my life have invisible ghosts behind them, and they are negative. They are most interested in the following things in the crotch. This makes me full of contempt. If I do in the case of anti-people, anti-country, and anti-historical trends, if I have political flaws, or someone discusses the impact of certain political trends and designs on the country with me, I will respect my opponents and take them seriously ! Attacking me like them is a group of reptiles and filth. Such a large number of people are used by these people who are suspicious, so engaged in politics, that is the disaster and sorrow of the country. I have been to these European places before, when I went for the first time, I was very impressed by the richness and splendor of European culture. At that time, how could China have such a pride, many places in China are tattered, and they do not pay attention to the protection of monuments. European protection of the building, the focus on the environment are obvious to everyone, and the Europeans who pay attention to visual art have art flashing everywhere, which is dazzling. At that time, I went to Eastern Europe driving by myself, so I would see more places. Due to the difficulty of parking in Europe, motorists usually find a free parking place outside the city, and then take a bus to visit the famous attractions in the city. If there are locals who know it is most convenient, I follow the guide to get familiar with it by going everywhere. I just imagined that if Jackie grows up and can make friends with the children of these leaders, there are "leaders" in various places. When they get together, everyone can just play together. For example, if she goes to Seattle, go find Rory, goes to Moscow, go find Anna, and goes to Dubai, go find Aliya. It ’s like  Eric Gucette taking with them to enjoy everywhere in Los Angeles






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