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洛杉矶几乎每天到处都塞车这边传输效率低,消耗很多汽油,花费更多的时间,怎么提高经济生产力呀  Traffic jams occur everywhere in Los Angeles almost every day. The transmission efficiency here is low, it consumes a lot of gasoline and takes more time, how to increase economic productivity


我接送Jackie每次都要一个小时左右. Jackie学校2:00pm放学,到2:30pm学校边上路上还有车子在排队. Jackie现在学校外一圈有路,可是学校只开放一边,另一边城市规定上学时间不能开车过去于是每天早上在主路口,各个方向都塞车,因为家长没时间排长龙去校门口放下孩子,只能在路口放孩子,那是一片混乱警察不但不管,藏在另一边的私人住宅车道上,等着开进另一边路的家长!几乎99%Jackie的同学都受到罚款大路上也是一样,上学高峰一定塞车,我从来没有见过一个骑自行车的可是边上的自行车道却规定不能用,看见吧警察来找茬了政府觉得这是为了开车安全,他们以为开车人眼睛都瞎了,如果有自行车开车人当然会让,交通流量大有多余的车道资源,却一定要放着不用,只有要转弯了才可以用像这种法律不管天时地理现实情况我觉得美国立法者思考问题解决问题的逻辑有问题所以洛杉矶才把住宅区摊得那么开,少一点摩擦,把人当机器棋子来摆弄了再来看看现在的汽车设计,人所用的空间和整个车子所佔的空间就是高速公路塞满了,其实人的传送率也不到八分之一,这是对空间多大的浪费呀而且现在洛杉矶几乎每天到处都塞车比起中国大城市的地铁传输人群利用率,这边传输效率低,消耗很多汽油,花费更多的时间,怎么提高经济生产力呀?就不能有针对不同情况的,同一空间资源利用的法律吗再多的钱都是一样没有交叉共振震荡枝状分布那是自己消耗能量啊再多钱都是抛到深井了很头疼的整个设计有问题了中国把人集中在城市用公共交通来代步是有其优点的.但任何事情都有一个极限亚洲的大城市又太过挤了美国人这么制定法律让人有更多机会被警察找茬子也是增加城市的财政收入吧.


It takes about an hour to pick up and drop off Jackie every time. Jackie school is closed at 2:00pm, and there are still cars waiting on the road by 2:30pm. Jackies school has roads around outside the school, but the school is only open on one side. You can’t drive another side by car during school hours. Every morning, traffic jams in all directions at the main intersection, because parents don’t have time to line up and go to the school gate to put their children down. They can only put children at the intersection, where is a mess. The police not only doesn’t care, they hide on the other side in the private residential driveway, waiting for parents to drive into the other side! Almost 99% of Jackie ’s classmates parents were fined. The same is true on the road. There is always a traffic jam at the peak of school. I have never seen a biker. But the bicycle lane on the side is not available. See, the police are looking for faults. The government thinks this is for driving safety. The driver's eyes are blind. If there is a bicycle, the driver will of course let it. The traffic flow is large, and there are extra lane resources, but it must be left unused. It can be used only when you have to turn. Like this case, this kind of law, regardless of the geographical reality of the time, I think that American lawmakers problem-solving logic is problematic. So Los Angeles has spread the residential area so little, less friction, and fiddled with people as machine chess pieces. Let ’s look at the present Car design, the space used by people and the space occupied by the entire car, even if the highway is full, in fact, the transmission rate of people is less than one-eighth, which is a waste of space. Now in Los Angeles there is almost daily traffic jams everywhere. Compared with the utilization rate of subway transmission crowds in big cities in China, the transmission efficiency here is low, consumes a lot of gasoline, and costs more time, how to improve economic productivity? Can't there be laws that use the same space resources for different situations? No matter how much money is the same, there is no cross-resonance oscillation, branch distribution, that is, it consumes energy by itself. No matter how much money is thrown into the deep well, it's a headache. The whole design has a problem. China has people in the city and uses public transportation to commute, which has its advantages. But there is a limit to everything. The big cities in Asia are too crowded. Hi, in America if people make laws like this, people will have more opportunities to be blamed by the police, and it will also increase the city's financial income.






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