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May 3, 2017 at 5:53 PM

美国人固守成规  Americans stick to conventions

亲爱的主席,88Trillion, billion, Jackie告诉我 ,你们喜欢我的短文亲亲,只是喜欢没有用啊,嘴巴说说,我也只能开心一会儿,it does not last long , 该有所表示啊,我一下子坐到地上开始蹬腿了,left, right, up and up, 脸朝天,大声恳求红包呢?红包拿来呀!” 嘿嘿,等着天上掉陷饼了今天警察又找我茬上次在居民区给我开罚单,说我在转弯时,有停车信号我没有仃事后同学妈妈说那边是没有停车信号的后来去看只有另一个方向有我的方向没有你看警察有多可恶!这次也是的我本来想转进一个小区,靠近走在自行车道上结果看见警车藏在小区一角,因为害怕躲避,所以没有转进去,回到原来的道上警察追出来,同时后面有车子开在自行车道上,并且在自行车道上追随了警察好一阵子!警察权当没看见,换到正常车道来追我,给我开罚单!我向他抗议说怎么这么不公平!你看我们动不动受罚就是这么大的价钱,苛政猛于虎也,老百姓承受不起呀多给点生活费吧曾经有一次看见美国路易斯安那州受飓风灾害,让居民撤退高速路上出去的车道全部塞满,动都动不了而另一反方向的车道几乎没有车子.当时就觉得美国人怎么这么呆板榆木脑袋不开窍应该象旧金山的金门大桥那样,哪一个方向的流量大,就多给一点车道.飓风来的时候另一方向的四条车道可以把两条让出来,供灾民出行因为等在路上时间不够出不来这不就受灾有生命危险吗?美国人从小呆板惯了,而且美国的法律是粗线条的,不管现实是怎么样,法律是一成不变的.有的时候非常荒谬的!就象灾民出行,明明有一半的资源可以利用却宁愿空闲着的美国的大多数中小学校门口接送孩子都是有问题的因为只有短短不到50米的车道供一辆车子接送孩子,算一下每辆车需要的时间以及等待时间,后面一定会排起长龙的.那所在的那条街就一定会有阻塞我以前接送Jackie,基本上要么一刻钟之前离开家,或者学校放学的时候离开家,这样子就可以避免长时等待车队里,就可以在学校周围小路上有机会找到一个车位.


Dear Chairman, 88, Trillion and Billion, Jackie told me that you like my essay. Dear,  just like it, it  is useless. You just talk about it, only makes me happy for a while, it does not last long. You should show solid appreciation.  Ah, I sat on the ground all at once and started kicking my legs, left, right, up and up, face up, and begged loudly, "What about the red envelope? Where comes the red envelope?" Hey, waiting for  the cake falling from the sky. Today, the police asked me for trouble again. Last time, I was issued a ticket in a residential area, saying that when I was turning, there was a Stop Sign, and I didn’t stop. Afterwards, Jackie ’s classmate ’s mother said there was no stop signal over there. There is only Stop Sign on another direction, no on my direction. You see how abhorrent the police is! This time it is the same thing. I originally wanted to turn into a community and  close to the bicycle lane. I saw the police car hidden in the corner of the community entrance. Because I was afraid of avoiding it, I didn’t turn in and went back to the original lane. The police chased out and there was a car behind driving on the bike lane and followed the police for a while! When the police didn't see it, he switched to the normal lane to chase me and gave me a ticket! I protested to him why it was so unfair! You see, we are punished at such a high price. The government is more fierce than the tiger. The people can’t afford it. Give them more living expenses. Once, I saw a Louisiana hurricane that caused residents to retreat. The driveway out on the highway were all crowded and cars couldn’t move. The other lane in the opposite direction had almost no cars. At that time, I felt that Americans are so rigid. The elm has no head. It should be like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, giving more lanes out. When the hurricane comes, two lanes in the other direction can give  for the people to travel out. Because there is not enough time to wait on the road, you can't get out. Isn't it a disaster and life-threatening? Americans are used to being stupid since childhood, and the laws of the United States are rigid. No matter what the reality is, the laws are static. Sometimes they are very ridiculous! Just as the people escape, obviously half of the resources can be used, but they would rather be idle. Most primary and secondary schools in the United States have problems with picking up and dropping off children at the school gate. Because there are only less than 50 meters of lanes for one car picking up the children by car. Calculate the time and waiting time for each car, there will be long queues behind. The street where the school  is will be blocked. I used to pick up Jackie, and basically either left home 15 minutes ago, or left home when school was over, so I could avoid waiting in the convoy for a long time, and I could find a parking space on the road around the school.






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