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俄国应该有网上的先进支付系统简化签证  Russia should have an advanced on line payment system to simplify visas

这是现在中国最通行的在网上的支付系统普京的俄国缺少信用卡的支付服务点可是只要俄国的大小城乡无线通讯网存在,现有的手机就可以支持移动支付软件及其相连的系统,我要带那么多卢布做什么? 上次我去捷克,看见好多有波西米亚风格的水晶杯,还有服装手工艺品艺术品。有些店家只收现款我带的美金不多因为还要考虑下面的行程不敢乱花钱而且我不像国内中国人我的腐败程度不够,所以就没有买如果他们有移动支付,说不定我就会冲动把东西买下来了呢波西米亚的迷人风格,很特别的呢! 去俄国的签证太贵了,俄国签证要太多的信息,手续太麻烦了他们要俄国方面出的邀请函要小孩子的领养证件还要在俄国境内有医疗保险我们是去玩的又不是受邀请去办公的因为领馆在旧金山我们又不能去所以只能找这边的agent, 每一个收费都是两百多块,而领馆的签证费才90,另外还要收服务费,也才30. 甚至有要500美金的,这简直是巧立名目敲诈吗!Uncle Vladimir,  this is too much! 你能帮我们这次支付签证费?普京为什么把这个系统弄得那么复杂,就是因为俄国人没有达到中国人那么腐败程度,美国把俄国人与世隔绝了,不让在全球投资,连这边Jackie的好朋友们,帅哥制片芭蕾舞美女都给赶回俄国了,不流通当然麻烦俄国人做事认真这是应该称赞的可是过分认真就变成制造障碍了那就是吃力不讨好 跟自己过不去俄国完全可以做电子签证在国内推广移动支付,那一定会有很多中国游客的而且俄国有很多的货物是可以做贸易的.  昨天我问了一下,这个旅行社这条线路已经有两年了,满20人就可以组团。因为现在离夏天还有两个月已经有九个人入团了所以夏天再多十几个人也应该不成问题的.  只是,这些欧洲的大总统们,啥时你们能够install mobile payment 啊,千万不要用扒手来吓唬我们, 游客多了,他们买东西多了,可以让扒手去做送货员什么的,那不是比偷东西收入高?过两年 Jackie还想去欧洲俄国读书呢,到时候应该没有扒手了吧? Jackie说昨天晚上伊朗总统也来了,鲁哈尼说Jackie is fun. 我笑了Jackie不是那么特别漂亮的女孩但是她有讨人喜欢的性格如果她可以做出一个形象当别人一想起她的时候那就是让人开心的触动别人笑点的而且她讲话是有内容的跟她在一起一定会有有趣事情发生的那她这一生就有成功可能了亲爱的主席,88,我对她,只要一想起她来,就是一个丫小句野孩子,有的时候头疼啊!而且在她身后,隐隐约约就是你们两位高大无比,调皮捣蛋的影子啊!对了,两位大男生,你们真的知道怎么替她打扮吗?


This is now the most popular on line payment system in China. Putin ’s Russia lacks credit card payment service points. However, as long as Russia’s large and small urban and rural wireless communication networks exist, existing mobile phones can support mobile payment software and its connected systems. What  do I need to carry so much Rubles? Last time I went to the Czech Republic, I saw a lot of bohemian crystal cups, as well as clothing, handicrafts and artwork. Some stores only accepted cash, and I didn’t have much US dollars, because I had to consider the following itinerary without spending money arbitrarily. And I was not like a Chinese in China. I didn’t have enough “corruption” so I didn’t buy many. If there is Mobile payment, maybe I will buy things on impulse. The charming style of Bohemia is very special! Visas to Russia are too expensive. Russian visas require too much information and the procedures are too cumbersome. They need an invitation letter from Russia, a child ’s adoption certificate, and medical insurance in Russia. We are going to visit, no, I’m not invited to work. Because the consulate is in San Francisco, we can’t go, so we can only find agents here, each charge is more than $200, and the visa fee for the consulate is only $90. In addition you have to be charged a service fee, which is only $30. There are even $500 US dollars, is this a clever extortion! Uncle Vladimir, this is too much! Can you help us pay the visa fee this time? Why Putin made this system so complicated is because the Russians are not as "corrupted" as the Chinese. The United States has isolated the Russians from the world and is not allowed to invest in the world. Even Jackie ’s good friends here, handsome ballet beauties have rushed back to Russia. Of course it is troublesome not to circulate. The Russians are serious in doing things, which should be praised, but excessive seriousness becomes an obstacle, that is, it is to go against with yourself. Russia can do electronics - Visa, to promote mobile payment in the country, there must be a lot of Chinese tourists. And  Russia has a lot of goods that can be traded. Yesterday I asked about this, this travel agency has been on this route for two years, and it needs 20 people then can be organized. Because there are still two months before the summer, there are already nine people joining the group, so there should be no problem with a dozen more people in the summer. But, these big European presidents, when can you install mobile payment?  Don’t scare us with pickpockets. There are too many tourists. They buy too much. Let pickpockets be deliverymen. Isn’t that higher income than stealing? After two years, Jackie still wants to go to Europe and Russia to study. Should there be no pickpockets by then? Jackie said that the Iranian president also came last night and Rouhani said Jackie is fun. I laughed. Little Jackie is not such a pretty girl, but she has a flattering personality. If she can make an image, when someone thinks of her, it will make people happy, and it will touch others to laugh. And her speech is content, and there will be interesting things with her Then she has the possibility of success in her life. Dear Chairman, 88, to me, as long as I think of her, it is a wild child. Sometimes I have a headache! And behind her, vaguely is the shadow of your two tall, mischievous! By the way, two big boys, do you really know how to dress her?






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