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中国政府内部权斗又腐败  Power struggle within the Chinese government and corruption

亲爱的主席,88,今天网上终于爆出了,王岐山和太太在加州旧金山郊区的豪宅。看这个房子的结构分布,很像世界上大陆的分布,顶上全都覆盖红瓦啦?嗯,已经腐败到这个程度了,不错呀! 要继续努力!哈哈哈哈,因为这个比起川普的海湖庄园,在各方面,规模,装饰,建筑风格,在世界各地的分布情况,都还差老远了!哈哈哈哈 Jackie说,你们喜欢我昨天的短文!于是我很纳闷儿问自己,喜欢哪部分呢?是讲把腐败暴料出来,用权斗来讨价还价那部分呢?还是我要求你们跟我一条战壕里的战友,相亲相爱把Jackie教育成人养育起来呢?还是你们嘴上不说,私下里特想的性爱机器人?嘿嘿嘿嘿  我们小时候,国家穷人们生活条件落后,记得共产党提倡除四害,大城市里住在一起的居民联合行动,敲盘子,拿扫帚拖把木棍,喷敌敌畏,放老鼠夹子,想把那些墙角里的害虫,地洞里的老鼠给引出来灭了哪那么容易呀?几个人围着一个小老鼠打,说不定都能让它跑掉这个代价大,效果又不彰! 今天,意大利总统,土耳其总统,捷克总统,匈牙利总统,围着我们家Jackie,异口同声在宣扬和强调,欧洲到处都是的扒手他们不以为耻,他们从小在这样环境长大的,久而不闻其臭,又好像是在为他们做广告,给Jackie这次远行,增加心理阴影面积的真的,他们都是各个国家的大总统啊想象一下,如果在欧洲,扒手是一个正当职业,收入是多少啊?真是的,因为在欧洲光天化日之下街上就有很多的妓女了,这一方面是不是说明欧洲人比较道德低下,喜欢不劳而获?或者是社会结构不完善,没法提供正常的赚钱渠道?当然,这都不是我的事儿扒手的市场是游客,欧洲如果要吸引更多游客,就应该整肃杜绝扒手为什么?听我慢慢道来因为扒手是一个零散的职业,如果他偷的人是整个游客的 1%,他的收入,是非常有限的,因为旅行的人不会带很多钱现在有信用卡,游客不会带很多的现金丢了钱包,游客要损失钱和时间去补办护照,而护照这部分和某些信用卡的部分,扒手是没有办法获利的而游客对这方面的精神上的损失,口耳相传的恶劣影响,会损害整个欧洲旅游事业相对于欧洲国家内部这些扒手的暂时的有限的总体增益,怎么也比不上旅游事业整个损失的一角而且在道德上,国家形象上,非常不光彩而且负面,


Dear Chairman, 88, the Internet finally broke out today that Wang Qishan and his wife own mansions in the suburbs of San Francisco, California. Look at the structural distribution of this house,  it is  much like the distribution of the mainland in the world, the roof is covered with red tiles.  Well, it has been "corrupted" to this level, not bad! Keep going! Hahahaha, because compared to Trump's Mar-a-Lago Manor, in all aspects, scale, decoration, architectural style, and distribution around the world, it is still far behind! Hahahaha Jackie said, you like my short essay yesterday! So I was wondering and asking myself, which part do you like? Is it what I said about reporting corruption, what part of bargaining with power struggles? Or do I ask you to join my comrade-in-arms in the trenches, to love Jackie to educate and raise Jackie? Or is it a sex robot that you particularly want in private though you don’t say it?  Hey, hey, hey, when we were kids, the poor people in the country were living low standard. Remember that the Communist Party advocated the elimination of the four evils. The residents living together in the big city acted together, knocking on the plate, holding a broom mop stick, spraying dichlorvos, and putting mouse clips, trying to lead out the pests in the corners and the rats in the underground caves.

What could be so easy?  Even if a few people play around a little mouse, maybe it can run away. This is costly and the effect is not good!  Today, the President of Italy, the President of Turkey, the President of the Czech Republic, the President of Hungary, around our  Jackie, are unanimously preaching and emphasizing that pickpockets are everywhere in Europe. They are not ashamed, grew up in such an environment, and have not been shamed for a long time. It seems to be advertising for them, to give Jackie this trip to increase the psychological shadow area. Really, they are the big presidents of various countries. Imagine if pickpocketing is a legitimate profession in Europe , what is the income? Really, because there are a lot of prostitutes in the streets of Europe even in bright day time. Does this mean that Europeans are more morally low and like to get something for nothing? Or is the social structure imperfect and unable to provide normal channels for making money? Of course, this is not my business. The market for pickpockets is tourists. If Europe wants to attract more tourists, it should eliminate them. Why? Listen to me slowly. Because pickpocket is a scattered profession, if the person he steals is 1% of the entire tourist, his income is very limited, because people who travel do not bring a lot of money. Now there are credit cards, tourists will not bring a lot of cash. If they lose their wallets, tourists will have to lose money and time to reapply their passports.  Passports and some credit cards, pickpockets have no way to profit. And the spiritual loss of tourists in this area, the bad influence of word of mouth, will damage the entire European tourism industry. These pickpockets in European countries temporarily and limited overall benefit is nothing compared to the entire loss of tourism. And morally, the country ’s image is very disgraceful and negative,






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