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要政通人和 To be politically smooth and people harmonious

以前我在军工单位做事设计卫星系统,从卫星上获得的图片是根本不会看清国家的边界的,只是会知道,这边是东南亚半岛朝鲜半岛,那边是俄国和阿拉斯加交界我们只知道说这是哪个大陆的上空,下面有哪些国家世界上有很多资源是共用的,比如湄公河,多瑙河你们政协会议首次公开承认,国内有很多的不满情绪我想那是国家在对自然资源和社会资源的分配中有失公允和失衡的地方中国有句古语 “政通人和”,当治理得当,人心通泰,那就少有怨言了我记得几年前去看三江源,源头那边的水还是清的,可是几十公里以外的水就开始变混了黄河不用说,壶口的水那就是浑浊的,长江也是这些属于公共的自然资源,不可能是划分给每个省市作为政绩指标来管理的,有些是属于国家层级,关系到全国不同地区及后代子孙几辈子的生存的几年前我去新疆,去内蒙古,飞机飞过西安不久,地下就是一大片的无垠沙漠,看了让人心酸我曾经在以色列的南部旅行,那儿也是天上地下左右前后一色了,连一片绿色都没有可是我到了红海边的Elot,那儿就满眼是绿意了新疆比以色列大多了,可是从飞机上往下看那是茫茫无边的沙漠呀我去内蒙古也是,只有一小片地方才有绿洲,周围都是被沙漠包围的国家对这些资源,有没有一个大范围的长时间监控?有没有一个长时间的维持保存计划?无论是在国境线以内,或者通往境外的,我在卫星图像看见,横跨俄罗斯的从波罗的海一直到太平洋的,从北冰洋一直到地中海的那一大片绿色,莽莽苍苍。 我在欧洲旅行,到处都是被绿色覆盖的土地,斯堪的纳维亚的森林,我心里就有一种说不出来的痛甚至在南美旅行,去巴西的伊瓜苏瀑布我从飞机上往下看,那么一大片一大片茂密葱郁充满生机的热带雨林,我心里边好难过这些没法复制的自然资源,国家是应该优先管理的,不然要恢复那代价是很大的中国那么多富豪花巨款离开中国,中国政府有什么机制可以从中抽取他们一定的财富份额来改造自己的国家环境?中国政府的后面策划者现在有钱了,又有那么多的人力资源,那可以在关注某些特别功利的同时,优先考虑环境生态自然资源因素, 因为那可能会造成对当地不可逆转的影响的我觉得这是因人的素质所决定的眼光,是人的价值观所决定的做事的先后轻重缓急次序但最主要的还是人算不如天算,要顺应天道,要按自然法则做事.


In the past, I worked in defense industry to design satellite systems. The pictures obtained from the satellites did not show the borders of the country at all, just know that here is the Southeast Asian Peninsula, the Korean Peninsula, and there is the border between Russia and Alaska.  We only know, say, which continent is above and which countries are below. There are many resources in the world that are shared, such as the Mekong and Danube. For the first time, your CPPCC meeting has publicly acknowledged that there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the country. I think that's where the country is unfair and unbalanced in the distribution of natural and social resources. There is an old Chinese saying, "Politics is harmonious with people". When properly governed and people are well connected, there are few complaints. I remember going to Sanjiangyuanthree-river original, a few years ago. The water is still clear, but the water begins to get unclear dezons of kilometers away. Needless to say, the water in Hukou is turbid, as is the Yangtze River. These natural resources belong to the public and cannot be divided into each province and city. Some are managed as performance indicators, some of which belong to the national level, and are related to the survival of different generations in the country and future generations. I went to Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia a few years ago. Soon after the plane flew over Xi'an, there was a large expanse of endless desert underground, and it was sad to see it. I used to travel in the south of Israel. It's also heaven and earth, left and right, there is a desert soil, not even a piece of green. But when I arrived at Elot on the Red Sea, my eyes were full of green. Xinjiang is much bigger  than Israel, but from the plane, it is a vast desert. I went to Inner Mongolia, too, only in a small area the oasis is surrounded by desert. Does the country have a large-scale long-term monitoring of these resources? Is there a long-term maintenance plan? Yet, whether it is within the national border or outside the border, I can see in satellite images that the vast green and reckless green across Russia from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. I'm traveling in Europe in summer, everywhere is covered with green land, Scandinavian forests, I have an unspeakable pain in my heart. I even traveled to South America and went to Iguazu Falls in Brazil. I looked down from the plane,  saw a large lush tropical rainforest and I felt so sad.  These natural resources that cannot be copied, the country should give it priority in  management, otherwise it would be very costly to restore. So many rich people in China have left China with huge sums of money. What mechanism does the Chinese government use to extract a certain share of their wealth to improve their national environment? The planners behind the Chinese government now have money and so many human resources. While paying attention to some special utilitarian factors, they can give priority to environmental, ecological, and natural resource factors, because they may cause irreversible local impacts. I think this is a vision determined by the quality of the person, and the order of priority in doing things determined by the values ​​of the person. But the most important thing is that people are not as good as God, they must conform to the Gods way, and they must do things according to the laws of nature.






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