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当忽视政治会影响人心理的基本规律,而以己之心度人之腹,对社会资源不合理分配,会造成的负面影响  When ignoring politics will affect the basic laws of people's psychology and impose their values on others, the unreasonable distribution of social resources will have a negative impact


Mar 3, 2017 at 4:16 PM




亲爱的主席,88,谢谢你们的恩惠这个网页是讲俄国的福利有多好你们一起开会吗? 哈哈哈哈 88, 你心情大好在主席台上微笑呢啥事那么开心昨天据说是普京大帝代课教 Jackie,原来他也会讲法语真的不得了,默克尔会讲俄语,我看欧洲的领袖都能讲好几国语言. Jackie有这样的老师教,将来应该很能够互通有无的可以多请几个代课老师是不是更有必要?发展趋势呼唤着要让我把那个学校办起来,请不同语言的老师来讲课呀!Jackie跟普京蛮合得来的,他们两个昨天还山中无老虎猴子称大王,趁机展现搞怪本领,互开玩笑普京大概觉得,这个跟他绘声绘色地描述伊凡雷帝赅人暴行的小女孩,不同寻常有意思,反正她就像一个小火球,一戳她,她就会跳起来反应的!而且反应灵敏,让人有时还招架不住,绝对不是死鱼一条谁喜欢跟死鱼玩?Jackie多跟几个人交谈法语,进步会很快的好像法国总统有点一本正经,但是内心深处是挺关爱Jackie的,不然不会那么远给她寄好吃东西.

Dear Chairman, 88, thank you for your kindness. This webpage is about how good Russia's welfare is. Do you have a meeting together? Hahahaha 88, are you in a good mood to smile on podium, what's so happy? Yesterday it was said that Putin taught Jackie as a substitute. He turned out to speak French as well. Merkel can speak Russian. Seeing that European leaders can speak several languages. Jackie has such great teachers to teach and should be able to communicate with each other in the future. Could it be more necessary to have more substitute teachers? The development trend is calling for me to run that school, and teachers from different languages are invited to give lectures! Jackie and Putin got along very well. The two of them still played like  
no tigers in the mountains and monkeys are the kings  yesterday. They took the opportunity to show their funny skills and made jokes. Interesting, anyway, she is like a little fireball, and once someone pokes her, she will jump up and react! And the responsiveness makes people sometimes overwhelmed, definitely not a dead fish. Who likes to play with dead fish? Jackie talks with a few more people in French, and progress will be fast. It seems that the French president is a little serious, but he is very caring about Jackie, otherwise he won't send her delicious food that far.



这是讲日本人怎么布局一带一路的日本人处在亚洲最东端,与亚洲大陆分离,要进入一带一路在地域上没有优势而他们的强项就是高科技,难道中国就这么眼光短浅急功近利只看重房地产这些吗?88,不知道你们智库是怎么谋划的对了,这边的是哪位总策划,上次那一位穿灰衣服的,怎么突然间也消失了?谁给灭了?现在换成一位这样子的啦!原来你是这样子的,哦呵呵呵呵诶于是我想明白了,这些年,那些按照你们的审美,无中生有,劈头盖脸羞辱讽刺作贱,扔给我的东西,其实,是你们自己内部对你,或可能是对莫名其妙会被灭的恐惧和愤怒吧,所以创造出来准备扔给你的呀!我差太远了,跳舞以后我变得太多了,哪能跟你比呀?你们那些人,因为对你恐怖害怕,所以才借道到我这来,想借我的形象来发泄吧?还是以前灰衣人的遗作?嗯?只是按照你们的审美,怎么也不会,完全不可能,违背你们的价值,让世界颠倒黑白,不管后面是上帝还是魔鬼的操纵,选上你呢!如果是你们自己内部摆不平,搞不定,应该关起门,把门关紧点,把那些污言秽语自己享受就可以了,不要到外面泼潵,伤害无辜我想弄明白,你是 Darling?还是Sweetie?如果你是这个样子的,更高层的是啥样子啊? Wizard of OZ? 对了给你一个建议,游泳锻炼对你挺合适的,因为你的平均比重比水轻好多,永远也淹不死的,哈哈哈哈哈   记住,千万关起门来,关得紧紧的,你们自己做什么齷鹺事情,上帝都是不管的!最好内部可以多灭几个,省得在外间多管闲事,制造那么多麻烦!嘿嘿嘿嘿嘿嘿 还有,你一定也是学文科出身的,你的创意全都是在,风乍起吹皱一池春水可能春江水暖鸭先知了,可下边的鱼,子非鱼,安知鱼之乐?你再吹也没用当然,你可以去试试下河游泳,去摸鱼鳅,哈哈 那样可能才有收获! 如果真像你期望的那样,有的话,我可以帮你烧鱼吃.


This is how the Japanese set up the Belt and Road Initiative. The Japanese are at the easternmost point in Asia and separated from the Asian continent. There is no geographical advantage in entering the Belt and Road Initiative. And their strength is high technology. Is China so shortsighted and eager for quick success? Do you only value real estate? 88, I don’t know how your think tank is planning. By the way, who is the general planner here, and the last one who wore gray clothes disappeared suddenly? Who got diminished? Now it’s like this! It turns out that you are like this, oh huh huh huh. So I want to understand that these years, according to planners aesthetic, creating something out of nothing, shame, insult, sarcastic, thrown at me. In fact, it is your own internal people who are afraid and angry about the planner, or maybe they are inexplicably afraid of being destroyed, so they created things to be thrown to the planner! I'm not capable of generating this kind of things. I've changed too much after dancing. How can I compare with planners? Those of you, because of their fear of the planner, have come to me using my words,  using my image to release it! Or the legacy of the gray man before? Hm? By the way, to give you a suggestion, swimming exercise is very suitable for you, because your average density is much lighter than water, and you will never drown. Hahahahaha, remember to close the door and close tightly. What you do in it, God doesn’t care! You'd better kill a few more internally, so you don't have to worry about the outside world and create so many troubles! Hey hey hey hey hey, and you must also be from the liberal arts, your ideas are all "wake a pool of spring water at the blowing of the wind" to make the world restless. Maybe the river in the spring is warming, so ducks know first. But the fish below ,you are not a fish, how do you know the happiness of fish? It's no use talking nonsense. Of course, you can try swimming under the river and touching the fish, haha, that's the only way to gain! If it really does what you expect, if any, I can help you cook fish.






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