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在五台山看见了我自己的孤独飘荡, 无人可以倾诉衷肠的灵魂  I saw my own loneliness in Wutai Mountain, no one can share my soul tell my heart.


记得在一个古庙里,一群明显是从西藏那边过来的信徒,脸被太阳晒得黝黑,有男有女,在一个大雄宝殿菩萨前,在一个老年喇嘛引下,高声唱着经!可能因为背不出来,那位老人手上居然拿着iPad,一伙人一边看着iPad 里面的经文,一边唱!这可把我给笑坏了!这是最摩登的拜佛呀!为什么不让iPad唱呢?还要自己看着唱!多好玩呢!而且是不远万里从西藏那边赶过来看着ipad唱的!而且这边拜佛礼品也是很有意思啊,什么样水果都有,弥陀佛的胖胖的胸口,居然放了一个红苹果!中国人信佛,虽然一本正经,佛在上,心要诚,但绝对没有基督教伊斯兰教那么正襟危坐的,居然在佛胸前个小苹果!为了让Jackie有好成绩,也迫使她拜拜佛边拜边拿眼睛偷偷望我装作没看见!五台山有一个女子佛教学院,街上走的尼姑就多一些,而且大多是清秀的年轻女子! 那儿路边的庭有一座五丈高的汉白玉观音像!那天一大早去烧香,我们临阵逃脱早早地回来!路过观音像,一大早就看见一个娇小的尼姑,静静地走到观音面前,跪下,虔诚小心地奉上她的供品,然后喃喃地低声细语在向观音诉说着什么四周静悄悄的没有人,只有我和Jackie路过想去看观音因为看见她在哪儿,就远远地驻足,悄悄地看着她!她没有意识到我们的存在,一个人跪在哪儿讲了大约15分钟.  年轻女子,你是在恳求观音来满足你的愿望吗?你是在向观音诉说你人生中的委屈吗?你是希望观音能帮助你让你走出新的人生路吗?你那么年轻为什么要在这个地方跟不言不语的观音作伴呢?这个世界跟你作对,那么荒谬,你一个弱女子没有办法抵抗到这儿来逃避吗?这个世界那么五彩缤纷充满生气,你不想去看一看吗?年轻女子讲了一阵站起来走了,可是没走几步又折回来好象还有未尽的话语于是又看着观音,双手合十再讲了5分钟,才尽兴漂漂渺渺地消失了!我把这一幕录像下来了,望着她的背影,突然间我看见了自己的灵魂,一个孤独飘荡, 无人可以倾诉衷肠的灵魂,当时不觉㯲然泪下. 


I remember in an old temple, a group of believers who came from Tibet on the other side, their faces were darkened by the sun, and there were men and women. In front of a great male temple Bodhisattva, under the guidance of an old lama, singing loudly! Maybe because the could not memorize thelyric, the old man actually held the iPad in his hand, and a group of people sang while watching the scriptures in the iPad! This made me laugh laud! This was the most modern worship Buddha! Why not let the iPad sing? Do they have to watch and sing themselves! How fun it was! And it’s a long way from Tibet they came over and watched the iPad sang!And the gifts of worshiping Buddha here were also very interesting, all kinds of fruits , the fat chest of Amitabha, actually was put a red apple on his belly! Chinese people believe in Buddhism, although they are serious, the Buddha is in their minds, their hearts are sincere. But there is absolutely no such reverence for God as Christianity, Islam, and actually put a little apple on Buddha belly! In order to let Jackie have a good grade, I also forced her to worship Buddha. She looked at me with her eyes and sneaked at me. Hey, I pretended not to see it! There is a women's Buddhist college in Wutai Mountain. There were more nuns on the street, and most of them were young women! There was a five-foot-high white marble statue of Guanyin in the courtyard next to the road! I went to burn incense early in the morning, and we fled early to get back early! Passing through the Guanyin image, I saw a petite nun early in the morning, quietly walked in front of Guanyin, kneel down, and graciously and carefully offered Guanyin offerings, then murmured and whispered something in front of Guanyin. There was no one around me, only me and Jackie passing by, I wanted to see Guanyin. Because I saw where she was, I stopped and watched her quietly! She didn't realize our existence,  talked for about 15 minutes. Young woman, were you pleading for Guanyin to satisfy your wishes? Were you telling Guanyin about the grievances in your life? Did you hope Guanyin can help you and let you out for your new life? You were so young, why should you be companionship with Guanyin in this place? This world was against you, so ridiculous, you a weak woman couldn't resist, came here to escape? The world was so colorful and full of life, didn't you want to take a look? The young woman stood up and walked away, but she didn’t take a few steps and went back. It seemed that there were still unfinished words. So she looked at Guanyin again, and then she talked for five minutes more with her hands together. Disappeared! I took this scene down and looked at her back. Suddenly I saw my own soul, a lonely wandering, no one can confide in the soul in the heart, and then I burst into tears.






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