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Apr 27, 2016 at 5:58 PM

美国这边写作分四类,记叙,议论,介绍,菜单. There are four categories of writing in the United States, narrative, discussion, introduction, menu. 


Jackie说你们今天忙,忙什么呢?希望你们好好休息. 看见电视里你们去了安徽,有的农民还是很穷的,想起上海豪华餐厅里一掷千金的财豪们,天壤之别呀. 你有心事哦!中科大的学子们多么热情,体型比上海交大的要壮一些,都是人才呀!中国农村都是一小片一小片的田地,不可能像美国这样用大规模机械化播种收割设计机器人,为什么不多设计一些适合中国国情的农业机器人呢? 这个星期Jackie他们州考,每天考,考一个星期. 这个学校特别. 小学的时候州考是两个星期,每个星期考三天,每天就3小时. 现在集中在一个星期而且一天考6小时!


Jackie said that you are busy today, what are you busy with? I hope you have a good rest. I saw you went to Anhui on TV, and some farmers are still very poor. I think of the wealthy  people in Shanghai's luxury restaurants spending money likeflowing water. It's a world of difference. You have something to worry about! How enthusiastic are the students of the University of Science and Technology, and they are stronger than those in Shanghai Jiaotong University. They are all talents! China's rural areas are  small pieces of land. It is impossible to use large-scale mechanized sowing and harvesting like in United States. Designing robots, why not design more agricultural robots suitable for China's national conditions? This week, Jackie takes their state exams and tests for whole week. This school is special. In the elementary school, the state exam took two weeks, three days a week, three hours a day. Now concentrate on one week, and one day test is 6 hour!


既使是考试的时候,他们也有回家作业. 我真不知道老师怎么安排的. 昨天回来她在想她考的词汇,因为她不懂. 而且每个人的程度不同,考试的卷子也不一样,这是第一次听说. 因为她考的级别高所以出的词汇也比较冷僻. 虽然昨天回来担心,今天她告诉我,老师说昨天普遍考得不好,但她是99分.我已经很满意了! 今天整天考英文,包括写作. 从小爸爸就对我说,相比于知识的积累记忆,写作是很难的因为写作需要知识面,需要生活,需要词汇,需要动脑子将所有素材加以有机结合,写出来还要让读者看得懂喜欢看. 于是想起你写的那么多书,精雕细琢的文字,条理分明的思维,正式的官样文章用词,是谁教你的呀?美国这边写作分四类,记叙,议论,介绍,菜单. 美国学校不太擅长教这方面,从小都是我给她讲,美国人都是口头表达,用的全都是俚语,演讲用高深词汇听众还听不懂.


Even when it is the exam, they also have homework. I really don't know how the teacher arranged it. Yesterday, she was thinking about her vocabulary because she didn't understand. And the degree of each person is different, the test paper is not the same, this is the first time I heard of that. Because her level of examination is high, the vocabulary is relatively secluded. Although she came back worried yesterday, she told me today that the teacher said that the general test scorewas not good yesterday, but she got 99. Min. I am very satisfied! She took English test all day, including writing. My father once told me that writing is difficult compared to the accumulation of knowledge. Because writing requires knowledge, life experience, vocabulary, and brainstorming and combining all materialsthen write it out to make  readers understand, attracted. So think of so many books Wang wrote, finely crafted words, well-organized thinking, formal official article use words, who taught you? There are four categories of writing in the United States, such as narrative, discussion, introduction, and menu. American schools are not very good at teaching this aspect. I have told her since she was a child. Americans are all verbal, using all proverbs, and using high-level vocabulary. The audience still can't understand.



写作练习是绝对不够的,讲话也不先用脑子想,希望哪一天她能够读懂字里行间话中有话的意思,那在美国受教育就值了. 早上急急忙忙帮她把四类写作问题要点梳理一遍,临时抱佛脚吧. 回来说今天写的是介绍,介绍一个雕塑作品.从初中开始,他们会一点一点引入议论文,由浅入深. 在这里要写一篇好的文章,可以在报上发表的,可以拿出来演讲的,可以写报告申请经费的,可以作为法律文件的,不是很多人能写的,一定是非常专业的人士才能写的. 于是就想起那些文笔很好的但纯粹胡言乱语的一帮律师们. Jackie有能说会道的天分,也希望她有好的文笔,更能言之有物. 应该说我很少看英文的文学作品,基本上看的都是大部头的科学技术方面的教科书. 很难体会作家用词遣字的精妙和意境,我不知道怎么才能好好教她. 会说英文和说好的英文是两码事.

Her writing practice is absolutely not enough. She doesn't think about things in her mind first. I hope that one day, she can read and understand the meaning between lines, behind words. Then it is worthwhile to be educated in the United States. In the morning, I hurriedly helped her to clear fourtypes of writing. Good luck. She went back and said that today writing type is  introductionis to a introduction of a sculpture. Starting from junior high school, they will introduceargumentative writing, little by littlefrom shallow to deep. Here in USif a good article can be published in the newspapercan be given a speech,  can be a report for the application for fundingcan be used as a legal documentnot many people can write it. It must be written by a very professional person. I think of a group of lawyers who are very good at writing, but what they wrote are purely nonsense. Jackie has the talent to speak, and I hope that she has a good writing skill and is more eloquent. It should be said that I rarely read English literary works, basically look at the textbooks and system design documents on science and technology in the big part. It is difficult to understand the subtlety and artistic conception of the writer's use of words. I don't know how to teach her well. And know how to speakEnglish and speaking good English, it is two different things.






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